Head to Umesh Dosa Point for Quick and Hot Breakfast, especially Pudi Dose

Umesh dosa point

Among the must-visit Dose Places in Bengaluru, we have so many iconic Addas to visit. However, at the same time, a few are hidden, lesser-known to many. Somehow, this city has mastered the art of Dose making and in every lane of it, you find a specialty. They say that Bengaluru is the Dose Capital of the Country, and how true it is, right! Come, let’s get into details and know about Umesh Dosa point on today’s read.

Idli With Ghee on top of it

Whenever you crave for a quick snack, you can head to Umesh Dosa point. A tiny food point which draws a huge number of foodies and the vibe is truly magical. Start with Idli with a ghee on top of it. They will give two chutneys with; one is the normal groundnut chutney and another one comes with a tomato flavor in it. Both tastes equally good and Idli here is softer than you eat in other places. People coming to Umesh Dosa point will not go back without having Idli and it is all about its taste and texture.

umesh dosa point
Image Credits – bengaluru food walks

Umesh Dosa point’s special Pudi Masala Dose

This is the go-to reason to visit Umesha Dosa point and it is an absolute delight to have their Pudi Masala Dose. It is a crispy Dose with gunpowder sprinkled on it which gives a unique taste, something hatke to the rest. If this is an allure on one end but on another end, you got to try Ghee Dose which looks greasy and tastes heaven in the mouth.

Umesh dosa point

We don’t recommend other items but Idli with Ghee and Pudi Masala Dose or Ghee Dose are simply out of the world. Usually, it will be crowded and so have some good-long time before you plan for it. For some sweet tooth, you can go for their Gulab Jamoon.

Open: 5 PM – 10:30 PM and 8 – 11:30 AM (Weekends)

Where: 21, Nehru Nagar Main Road, Parallel to Railway road, Seshadripuram, Bengaluru.

Location Details:

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