From Chakli, Kajaya, To Chiroti – Here’s Why You Should Visit Shenoy Stores Of Jayanagar


A snack-lovers paradise, Shenoy stores is a must-visit store in Jayanagar. From trendy snacks to traditional ones, there’s nothing you’d walk away from, at this store. Founded in 1971 by Vittal and Shobha Shenoy, this store started off with selling homemade snacks and is today every snack lover’s go to for the freshest and the tastiest items ever. Here bring to you ten items you must try at Shenoy Stores in Jayanagar.

Potato Chips

If you’re willing to play it safe, there’s always the crispy potato chips to lighten up your evening and make it more munchy! Be it with a cup of tea alone or with your buddies out on a road trip, their potato chips are said to be fresher than most and are loved by all their patrons.

shenoy stores

Mini Samosa

We all love our samosas, and we love our tiny yet delicious mini samosas all the more! Filled with potatoes and spices and freshly fried, their mini samosas call for a great time with our closest friends and neighbors.

shenoy stores
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Aloo-Ginger Chips

If you’re looking to take an adventurous route, their spicy aloo ginger chips will stimulate your senses, unlike anything you’ve tried before! Spiced with just the right amount of chili powder, their sensational aloo-ginger chips will leave you asking for more!


Be it all as a tea time snack or all by itself, nothing beats the classic all-time favorite. What’s more, they also make a good item when gifting edibles! Freshly prepared and delicious, this classic snack never goes out of style.

shenoy stores
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Be it sweet and coconut filled or the ones with dal, holiges are what we Kannadigas love to relish, irrespective of the occasion. You can get the best of freshly prepared holiges at Shenoy Stores at a fairly reasonable price, be it for yourself or for your family and friends too!

shenoy stores
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This is one snack you cannot miss at Shenoy’s. Made with colocasia leaves stuffed with rice flour, tamarind, and jaggery, this delicacy will take you on a flavourful trip you will never forget!

shenoy stores
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Chutney Podis

A variety of their chutney podis are exactly what you need to take the boredom away from your food! Made from the freshest and the finest of ingredients, their chutney podis will leave you looking forward to the next meal while your stock lasts!

Ragi Mixture

Mixtures – the tea buddy and the beer buddy we can never forget! Be it with family or with friends, mixtures are a timeless snack we can always count on. Adding a healthy twist with ragi only makes this side dish all the more loveable. You can buy this snack at Shenoy’s for a pocket-friendly price and enjoy as much as you want to!

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This deep-fried delicacy made with the combination of rice flour, jaggery, cardamom, coconut, and sesame seeds is always at its yummiest and always worth looking forward to! Using the best of these ingredients, the kajayas at Shenoy Stores are worth the wait if you need to brave through an eager crowd.

shenoy stores
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Dal Vada or Ambode as it is better known as a snack best enjoyed with tea. An Indian version of the popular falafel, this piece of divine taste is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. You can buy as many as you want at Shenoy’s without a single bit of regret.

shenoy stores
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What’s holding you back, Bengaluru? Go out there and pick from all your favorite snacks right away!

Location: 244, Adjacent To Ganesh Darshan, 27th Cross, 9th Main, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru

Timing: Everyday from 10am-10pm



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