Top 10 Places In Bengaluru To Enjoy The City’s Best Street Food

street food in bangalore

Bengaluru can be termed as a haven for food. This is because it has numerous eateries and restaurants scattered all over the city. Bengaluru is famous for having some of the most happening food streets in India. People come from various places for a taste of the delicious food. MetroSaga brings to you a list of food streets in Bengaluru which are definitely worth checking out.

1. V V Puram Food Street Bengaluru

From the hot and spicy Masala Dosa to the sweet and sublime Dal Holige drenched in pure ghee, there is everything on this Food Street in Bengaluru that you may want to eat. The rose gulkand enriched with the goodness of pure Honey and white Butter is one thing you should not miss at the Shivanna Gulkand Center. The food here is also quite economical and one of the best. There are a number of stalls here including the Pav Bhaji stall, the Sweet Corn stall, and the Manchurian Stall, to name a few.


VV Puram food street

2. Nagarathpet Road

Located near the busy Avenue Road, you will find metal, jewelry, and other miscellaneous goods being marketed by the day. If you happen to be here after sunset, you shall see the sidewalks come to life with street food vendors! You can always head for the carts where delicious doseys, steamy idlis, and refreshing badam milk are sold under the street lights. If you can brave through crowded streets, this is your paradise.

nagarthpet food street

3. Malleshwaram

Serving delightfully delicious Butter Masala Dosa consistently to a large number of customers is no child’s play. CTR at Margosa Road, Malleshwaram has done this effortlessly and brilliantly for over six decades and is thus, a delight for Dosa lovers. Even to this day, this Tiffin Room is one of the best places to have South Indian Street Food. Apart from a variety of dosas they also serve idli – vada, kesaribath, and the poori sagu. There are also other shops which serve ice creams, chats and other yummy delights around the place.

things to do in malleswaram

4. Commercial Street

Who doesn’t need food whilst on a shopping spree? From dosey to chaat and Gobi Manchurian, there’s no dearth of food on Commercial Street. If you happen to be a fitness freak, you can choose to enjoy fruit or two. You must not miss out on the rava jalebis behind Shivajinagar and khova naans available near Lubbay Masjid. If you’re playing it safe, there’s Tibbs Frankie and sweet corn to enjoy. To top it off, you can quench your thirst with the easily available fresh lime soda.


commercial street

5. Frazer Town

If you are a hardcore non-vegetarian, this is the place to be. You can find all sorts of mouth-watering food such as shawarma, chicken kabab, tava fried chicken, mutton keema, samosas and so much more. Kheer is a must try here.

street food in bangalore

6. Vijaynagar Chat street

If you live in the south part of Bengaluru this is a really good place to go. Be it South Indian, Chinese, North Indian or Indo-Chinese, there’s something for everybody here.

Where exactly: Vijayanagar Food Street, 147, 18th Cross Rd, Govindaraja Nagar Ward, Stage 2, Vijaya Nagar (Near Vijayanagar water tank).


street food in bangalore

7. Loafer’s Lane

It is a food street in Vasanth Nagar located bang opposite to Mount Carmel college, known for small, unique joints serving scrumptious food. Being a popular adda of students from Mount Carmel college, you will never see this as a calm and quiet place. Always bustling with teens and college goers, Loafers lane is food lover’s paradise in the city. Ask anything from authentic Mumbai Sandwiches, Thatte Idli, Momos, Desserts to Continental and Mexican, Loafers Lane will definitely have it for you.

loafers lane

8. Karnataka Bhel House – Basavanagudi

Hop into this pure vegetarian chat stall located at Uma Theatre Road, Chamarajpet in Basavanagudi during the evening to enjoy the warm sunset with some utterly delicious street food in Bengaluru. The pricing here is economical and pocket-friendly. Some of the best dishes served here are the aloo Dahi Puri, Sev Puri, and masala puri.

street food in bangalore

9. Jayanagar

Jayanagar is another popular location for its street food. Some of the most famous joints in Jayanagar are Hari Super sandwich, Cool Joint, Mumbai Vada Pav, and Hot Chips, amongst many others.


Things to do in Jayanagar
Image Credits – Talkingstreet

10. JNC Road, Koramangala

JNC Road in Koramangala 5th block is a student’s haven. From apparel and accessory outlets to street food vendor, small eateries and hangout cafes, it is a perfect place to spend a few hours and to eat some superb food. From Pani puri and bhel puri just outside the college gate to Tibetan and Chinese at simple eateries, from all forms of coffee at Hatti Kaapi to Nutella-smeared pancakes and waffles at Hole Lotta Love, there are all sorts of food experiences to be had in this small lane.

Finally, the 99 Variety Dose carts which invariably has graced the city’s food lovers are everyone’s favorite indeed. 

Bengaluru is bustling with tons of food options at reasonable rates. You just need to know where to look!

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