Spotlight: Shree Idly Corner is A Place You Got To Visit For Utterly Butterly Delicious Idlys

shree idly corner

Located in Commercial Street, Bengaluru, Shree Idly Corner is the best take away joint for idlys in the city. The joint offers just a few south Indian dishes on the menu – Idlys and the shavige bath being the favorites and yet the place enjoys a loyal customer base who can’t go for long without savoring the buttery idlys.

Here are a few reasons why Shree Idly Corner has its claim to fame.

1. Buttery Idlys

The idlys here are the softest and come with a generous double serving of butter on top. This makes the mouth-watering idlys vanish quite fast especially after some tiring shopping. The butter is also fresh and complements the extreme spice of the chutneys.

Shree Idly Corner

2. Variety of Chutneys!

The place sells some of the best chutneys in the city with two different kinds of spicy chutney. If you are a chutney lover, you might want to check out our article on the best joints in the city serving the most delicious of chutneys right here. Shree Idly Corner clearly deserves an article of its own just to describe the delicious chutneys they serve.

Shree Idly Corner

3. Rice Bath

Another favorite amongst the locals and regulars is the rice bath that is sold here. Flavourful and savory, these dishes sell like hotcakes and are quite filling too. The Shavige baths or Vermicelli uppittu sold here carries the authentic south Indian signature in taste and preparation. One will be hard pressed to find a better place serving the same dish.

4. Easy on the pockets

A meal for two in this joint would cost just a hundred and fifty bucks while offering nourishing and delicious dishes of Idlys and upmas. This is a place that one will never forget as the taste of the dishes are unforgettable.

shree idly corner

5. Time and Idlys wait for none

If you plan to sample the dishes here, do make it fast for the dishes sell out really quickly and one might have to return empty-handed and hungry.

The place is open in the evenings and nights from 5 pm to 10 pm on all days of the week. Shree Idly Corner is located at 22/1, Veerapillai Street, Commercial Street, Bengaluru.

Be sure to reach early as it’s hard to find a parking spot and even harder to find a plate of the much-coveted idlys if you’re late. Bon Appétit!

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