10 Delicacies You Should Not Miss at O.G Varier Bakery, City’s Favorite Since 1955

O G Varier bakery

Bengaluru has had its fair share of legendary bakeries. O.G. Varier and Sons is one such bakery which loved Bengaluru, and we loved them back! With outlets in Rajajinagar and Guttahalli, this bakery is hard to miss. Started off in 1955, this bakery has helped Bengaluru make a load of memories because of various reasons. Even today, the very mention of this bakery takes a lot of Bengalureans down the memory lane. MetroSaga brings to you 10 delicacies you must try if you still haven’t.


We all love bread, be it in our breakfast, or in a snack. Varier’s loaves of bread are freshly baked every day and fly off the shelf while they’re still hot from the oven.


varier bakery


None of us can ever deny our love for veg puffs. At Varier’s, you can get them the way you like it best – crunchy on the outside and soft and delicious on the inside. Their puffs are always freshly baked and served steaming hot.

OG Varier bakery

Butter Biscuits

We all love biscuits, but we love our butter biscuits a lot more. Varier’s butter biscuits are always freshly prepared from the best of ingredients. They are guaranteed to take you down the memory lane with every bite you take.

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Khara Biscuits

These salty biscuits are every Bengalurean’s favorite tea snack. In fact, tea without Varier’s Khara biscuits is a big no! Dig into these fresh, crunchy biscuits for a heavenly surprise!


Varier bakery

Dil Pasand

Bits of tutti frutti sandwiched between two layers of flaky bread, Varier’s dilpasand surely lives up to its name. Served warm from the oven, this delicacy is nowhere to be found in the bakery by the afternoon!

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Khara Bun

Khara bun is a timeless snack we all love. Often paired with tea, Varier’s Khara bun is often in great demand and is loved even by patrons outside Bengaluru!


Varier bakery

Plum Cake

Varier’s eggless plum cake is an all-time favorite for all ages because of delicious reasons. Be it Christmas, a birthday or any occasion whatsoever, a bite of their scrumptious their plum cake will definitely make your day.

Sponge Cake

A perfect snack when you’re looking for something light, Varier’s sponge cake goes well with a lot of snacks and can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Milk Biscuits

A bite of Varier’s milk biscuits will definitely make you wonder why you’ve never had it before. Sweet and crunchy till the last bite and thus, they are a delightful treat.


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Crispy and fresh even after a month and thus, Varier’s rusk is something you must definitely take home for your family to enjoy. It is a delight to know that all their products are prepared freshly and do not use harmful additives.

OG Varier bakery

Where: 12th Main, 2nd Block, Rajajinagar, Bengaluru.

Open: 9 AM – 9 PM (Tuesday closed)

Bengaluru is abundant in such hidden treasures because of various reasons. While we are out there looking for the next one, make sure you’ve tried out O.G. Varier and Sons.


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