Yes, This Is A Darshini Hotel In Bengaluru Known For Its Morning Dose And Kaal Soup

chamrajpet darshini

On a usual note, when we say Darshini then it has to be vegetarian. Have you ever thought about a Darshini hotel serving a quick-some non-veg meal? Here we’ve got one for you located in Chamrajpete largely known for its native Karnataka style non-veg culinary. Come, let’s get into details and know its specialties on today’s read.

chamrajpet darshini

The Menu of Chamrajpet Darshini

If you like to have non-veg for your breakfast then you can surely come to this place. They serve Dose with a piping hot leg soup which can simply make your day. Also, they have butter chicken gravy which goes amazingly well with Dose. It is one of the busiest hotels you’ll find in the area, always crowded filled with an arousing aroma. One may have to fight a bit to get their order. The place is considerably small and yes, there’s no seating available.

chamrajpet darshini

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Good-Some Biryani

Another specialty of this place is its Biryani; chicken biryani and donne biryani. People come from places to have their bite and invariably, it is the most-selling item after Kaal Soup. Biryani will be served hot cooked with tender chicken giving the spiciest mix of rice.

Final words: Not a hygiene place. Food is moderately good and tasty. It is a pocket-friendly place largely known for its morning leg soup.

chamrajpet darshini

Open: 6:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Where: 75, 1st Main, 8th Cross, Chamrajpet, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru.

So, when you are in Chamrajpete then you can definitely consider visiting this place. Or, you can plan for an early morning ride.

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