Here’s Why You Should Visit Shuchi Ruchi Of Malleswaram – A Real Fiesta For Your Taste Buds

shuchi ruchi

Ismail V.V from Mangalore started Shuchi Ruchi in Malleshwaram, Bengaluru almost 15 years ago. Today this popular restaurant serves a wide variety of cuisines. Their menu includes dishes such as Gobi Manchurian, richly buttered Masala Dosas, rice items like Fried Rice, Veg Pulav and more, noodles such as Schezwan and Mushroom noodles and kebabs. They also offer Mumbai street food like Vada Pav, butter Dabelis and more! Here we bring to you the best of this stand and eat outlet.

Benne Dose

Who doesn’t love a plate of crisp, buttery dose? We cannot deny our love for this delight which has taken Bengaluru by storm and has been irreplaceable in restaurant menus and in our hearts as well. Enjoy a plate of benne dose or benne masala dose here, like never before.


Paneer Manchurian

Paneer is something we love most in vegetarian delicacies, especially when our craving for those delicious lumps of protein knows no bounds. What could be better than having spicy paneer with the flavor of Manchurian, for an evening snack?

shuchi ruchi


This delicacy is a delight at Suchi Ruchi and you’ll love every bite of it! A snack you’d never say no to, you can try your first ones here without a second thought.

Gobi Manchurian

Our beloved gobi Manchurian never goes out of style. There’s no reason why we cannot enjoy a plate of crispy, spicy gobi Manchurian on a cool breezy evening, especially when this eatery is one where you stand and eat.


shuchi ruchi

Pav Bhaji

The irreplaceable, the ever so delicious and the unforgettable pav bhaji can never be forgotten. Suchi Ruchi lets you relish the steamy, spicy bhaji containing oodles of butter, with pav that comes right off the stove and makes the best wholesome snack you’ll have ever enjoyed.

Vada Pav

A delicacy from Mumbai, vada pav helps with both, your late night cravings as well as your end of the month low spending days! A perfect, crispy and spicy snack you would love at least once in a while, Suchi Ruchi makes the best vada pav you can ever imagine!

shuchi ruchi


Out of options but not on flavors? Are you looking for something spicy yet sweet, and something tangy yet soothing? Chats at Suchi Ruchi provide you with the perfect variety and range of chats you can enjoy at the most reasonable rates. From dahi puri to papdi chat, these chats will be the most fun your taste buds will have ever had!


Schezwan Noodles

Something which you can enjoy irrespective of the occasion, schezwan noodles here pack the right punch of spiciness and quantity. Be it for the road or for a quick snack, these noodles will never fail to cheer you up and keep you going!

shuchi ruchi

Frankie Rolls

We love rolls – they are the perfect snack, neither too light nor too filling. They always come with the taste we’ve been craving for. Shuchi Ruchi’s Frankie rolls are of many different varieties and will always be something you’d want your buddies to try if they haven’t tried it yet!

shuchi ruchi

Babycorn Chilly

Babycorn is bae. We cannot deny our love for this tiny version of corn which perfectly adds on to pizza toppings, continental dishes and now, in Manchurian too! Shuchi Ruchi prepares the baby corn Manchurian you’ve always been looking for – crisp, deep fried and fun! They make a great snack and can be coupled with any main course item, besides being had all by themselves.


So what’s keeping you waiting, Bengaluru? Come over to this legendary outlet and keep coming back for more!

Location: 92, 1st Main, 10th Cross Temple Road, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram.

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