This Hidden Gem Called Shiva Prasad Tiffin Centre Serves Authentic Bengaluru Style Breakfast

shiva prasad tiffin centre

It is very obvious for every Benglurians to leave their home to the office early. In the meantime, few skip their breakfast and few choose a random hotel to full fill the morning hunger craves. It is quite uncertain about outside food to be healthy for anyone. However, we are introducing a place where you could find a healthy and home cooked food with varieties of South Indian dishes. The Shiva Prasad Tiffin center located in Gavipuram Extension at Kempegowda Nagar is a hidden gem that serves delicious South Indian breakfast at a very pocket-friendly price.

The Menu in the Tiffin center 

Prepare yourself to fall in love with South Indian Dishes of Shiva Prasad Tiffin Center. They offer you tasty and freshly cooked food to satisfy all your hunger craving. Their simple and homely menu includes idli vada, poori sagu, rice bath, kara bath, shavige bath, parota, kesari bath, chapatti, avalakki (beaten rice) Mangalore buns and chow chow bath.

Tiffin center

They also have a Combo breakfast meal: It has Rice bath, Avalakki, Shavige Bath, Kesari Bath and khara bath with a Vada. It’s a steal deal for only Rs 60.

Tiffin center

Mid-Day Lunch

This place is also known for its afternoon lunch where you’ll be served with simple anna sambar, curd rice, bajji bonda, coupled with Parota, and other rice items. If you are really looking to try something very special, then go for the authentic Raggi Mudhe which is served with tamarind lentil or rasam. A single Raggi mudde is enough to make your stomach heavy and full.

Tiffin center

Well-Crowded in the Morning

This place has no place to sit, as you have to stand and eat on a table. However, it is well crowded in the morning and afternoon as well. They have very friendly staff who are ready to serve you with a smile. Apart from this, there is nothing much about the place, it’s just a simple and decent tiffin center.

Tiffin center

Open: 6 AM – 4 PM

Where: 73, Gavipuram Extention, Kempegowda Nagar, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru




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