These Are The Best Places in Bengaluru Where You Can Have The City’s Best Chutney


Chutney, also known as the Indian Sauce by the verbose and foreigners is used in many different ways in Indian cuisine. Almost every region has its own take on the chutney and a signature style that foodies can enjoy. You can make a chutney with almost any base. There are the coconut chutneys which are famous in the south, tamarind chutneys from Gujarat, tomato chutneys and even mint chutney. One can write books by just naming all the possible variations in a chutney. Since it goes well with almost every major Indian dish and is a better version of the plain tomato ketchup (or so we have been led to believe by our grandmothers and mothers), it is versatile and a favorite side dish.

One cannot imagine having dosa, vada or Pongal without the chutney. Nor can one truly enjoy a dhokla without the tangy chutney which completes the experience. Idly (pronounced Idli) wouldn’t really be as famed if not for the chutney. Here we list down some of the best places in Bengaluru in no particular order for the trademark side-dish of every household.


1. Adyar Ananda Bhavan:

This popular chain of restaurants is present in many areas across Bengaluru including Indiranagar, Kalyan Nagar, Majestic, and Rajaji Nagar among other areas. The specialty of this restaurant is the authentic South Indian food that they serve. The chutneys you get here go well with the rest of the fare.

2. Vidyarthi Bhavan:

This restaurant in Basavangudi has a simple menu that is budget friendly and yet sees a good amount of crowd, thanks to the variety of chutneys they serve.


3. Iyer Idly

This eatery has the menu in its name. Yes, you get Idlys here. Do you want a choice? You can have an idly for ten bucks. Or ten for a hundred. Or fifty for five hundred. At least that’s what their menu reads. Despite selling only Idlys, this eatery in Thippasandra has been a hit as the chutney makes the meal of idlys a delight. Be warned though, you don’t get any sambar here.



4. Veena stores:

This is another humble restaurant where you can get good chutney with idly or vada. It is located in Margosa Road at Malleswaram and has a loyal customer base of regulars.

veena stores

5. Brahmins Coffee Bar

This eatery at Basavangudi serves a quick breakfast for those who want something light. As the name suggests, the place is famous for its coffee and the legendary coconut chutney. One will be hard pressed to find better chutney here in Bengaluru.


6. Chutneys Café

This place near Malleswaram is famous for the South Indian cuisine that they have clearly mastered. The idlys here are soft and the chutneys pack a punch. It is definitely one of the best places in the city to enjoy some chutney.


7. 99 Variety Dosa

These carts are found all over the city. The true delight in having a meal here isn’t just the variety dosa but also the chutney that you have along with the dosa.


8. Idly weds Chutney

The place makes it to the list for its name alone. Despite having modest reviews online, the place sees a decent crowd on most days.

9. Thatte Idlys

Many of the places listed here are simple joints where you get simple, quality food that isn’t too expensive or over the top extravagant. There is always such a place in every locality where you get quality food you can eat on the go. Of course, those looking for the five-star dining experience wouldn’t really be able to appreciate the places on this list.


However, a foodie or a street food enthusiast would probably appreciate most of these places. In our experience, any mess or eatery that serves thatte Idly or flattened idlys have some of the best chutneys.


Have we missed a place? Does your favorite joint serve some good chutney? Let us know in the comments below!

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