Peak Bengaluru Pro Max! Cab driver cancels ‘Woman’s Uber Ride’ for this ‘Honest Reason’

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A woman wanted to book a ride home in Bengaluru and chose Uber. Nevertheless, the driver had a highly relatable reason to cancel the trip. The reason will leave you in Splits.

The struggle is real 

It is a struggle when it comes to booking an auto or cab on one’s way home from the office. There is no guarantee that the driver will come to your destination, even if you finally get a ride after what seems like an eternity of waiting. Not only this, you may even have to undergo a number of questions ranging from “where’s your destination” to “payment in cash or online”? Well, if you tick all the boxes that’s when your driver may agree to give you a ride.


Every day, we come across stories of people struggling to book cabs and autos online. Now, a similar incident has come to light from Bengaluru where a woman has shared why her driver canceled her ride, and it was for a straightforward reason.

Peak Bengaluru

Ashi, who is from Bengaluru, wanted to book a ride and opted for the services by Uber. Even after getting accepted for a trip, she got rejected by the driver in the chat box, and that, too, for a reason that is kind of relatable.

In the screenshot shared by her on the social media platform, we can see a text received from the driver. It read, “Cancel this ride, I’m sleepy.” To this, Ashi simply wrote, “ok.”


“Tired after a day of hustling at @peakbengaluru,” read the caption.

Within no time, her post went viral with over 302K views. While some found it hilarious, others said it was relatable and shared their own experiences in the comment section.