How far can Bengaluru go? These Tech Savvy ideas for QR scans can happen only in our city

Bengaluru is known to have tech geniuses and startup devotees in every corner, proving that the entire city understands how technology works. With the growing technology, most cities in India are going cashless with the use of UPI. But, how far can a Tech city go to make use of this lovely technology? Let’s find out.

Tech savvy Bengaluru

In the year 2015, the Modi Government started the Digital India campaign with the idea to connect everyone to the Internet. After this, in the year 2016, UPI came into existence and brought a new change in the process of money transactions.


Enthusiastic individuals started making even the smallest payments online. Year after year people went a step ahead and took digital payment into their day-to-day life. The situation has become such that people have started paying even Rs 5 for tea through UPI payments. Things became weirder when People started giving omens (Shagun) in marriage through an online payment.

Crazy digital payment ideas

Many such unique and viral digital payment news have come to the forefront. Last year a viral picture from Bengaluru showed something surprising. The picture was shared by a user named Vishnu Rajeev. In the photo, a transgender is standing outside the car holding her QR code and asking for money. Sharing the picture, Rajeev wrote, ‘How much this city (Bengaluru) uses technology.

In a similar way, a user shared a scenario where he saw the host kept purchasable items with QR codes for payments.


Also, in an attempt to deliver first-aid care and cardiac medical services, the Bengaluru traffic police and civic body BBMP along with Manipal Hospitals had previously posted QR codes at traffic signal junctions in the city which can be of great help during medical emergencies. This was the ultimate way to use the best of technology.

Namma Metro last year kick-started the QR code-based ticketing system through a mobile application and WhatsApp. This made the commuters more comfortable and helped them skip large queues in front of ticket windows.

A tea stall in Bengaluru made headlines last year for using UPI and accepting Bitcoin as payment from customers. Customers visiting the ‘The Frustrated Drop Out’ teat stall offered to make the payment in cryptocurrency.


If you have witnessed any other similar incidents as above, then please let us know in the comment section.