This Bengaluru Uber Driver’s Warm Gesture Towards A Passenger Is Winning Internet

A heartwarming post of a LinkedIn user went viral on social media, wherein he talks about the act of kindness by a Uber driver in Bengaluru, whom he hadn’t met before.

A heartwarming incident 

LinkedIn user Harsh Sharma shared the heart-touching meeting with his Uber driver named Ravi. Despite the language barrier between Delhi-based Harsh and Karnataka-based Ravi, the latter noticed that his passenger looked exhausted after his air journey. What Ravi then did has earned him much appreciation on Linkedin, where Harsh shared an account of their meeting.


“This Uber driver named Ravi unlike other cab drivers talking on earphones due to language barrier,” wrote Harsh. “He saw I hadn’t slept due to my flight. He organized the seats so I could lay down.”

Not only did he allow his passenger to sleep inside the cab, but he also asked Harsh in broken English if he had eaten. On being answered in the negative, he asked Harsh to sleep and drove him to a restaurant.

An example of humanity

An hour later, when the Uber driver woke Harsh up, they were outside a crowded restaurant. Ravi arranged a table, brought a menu, and suggested some South Indian dishes that Harsh could try.


After both of them ate together, Ravi brought a coffee for him and said, “Isse neend khulegi.”

“He didn’t let me leave the table, I’ve met him an hour ago still he’s treating me like his son,” Harsh said.

Calling Ravi “superhero in a cab,” Harsh said, “An average man in his 50s just left a lifelong impression on me and I am left here just feeling sooooo good and wondering that somewhere in this fast-paced life we left humanity way behind.”


The post has reached thousands of people, racking up hundreds of comments from people who were moved after reading about Ravi’s kindness.

“Kindness is rare these days and we should appreciate it whenever we feel it from others,” wrote one LinkedIn user. “This is so wholesome and nice and unexpected,” another said.