‘Peak Bengaluru’: This bride ditches her car and did something ‘Incredible’ to avoid traffic

A bride left her car behind as she was stuck in traffic and took the help of a metro train instead to reach her wedding hall on time. Internet is calling it a “peak Bengaluru” moment.

Avoiding traffic

A bride, who belongs from Bengaluru, has taken the internet by storm after she left her car and took the metro instead to reach her wedding hall on time amid heavy traffic. A video of the same, which shows the bride covered in jewels and full makeup riding the metro, is circulating on social media. Reported Hindustan Times.


We all are aware of the city’s infamous traffic congestion. And this caused the bride to be late for her own wedding, but netizens are lauding her for handling the situation with a calm and composed mind after she jumped onto a metro with a smile.

Calling her a “smart bride” and sharing the video, a Twitter user wrote, “Whatte STAR!! Stuck in heavy traffic, smart Bengaluru bride ditches her car, & takes metro to reach her wedding hall just before her marriage muhoortha time!! @peakbengaluru moment.”

The video shows the bride waving while she gets onto a metro gate. She is later seen reaching the wedding hall and sitting on the stage to carry on with the ceremony.


Netizens react