‘Share LinkedIn profile and Small Write-Up’: Bengaluru landlord’s demand for a tenant

Renting a House in Bengaluru is becoming a tough task for professionals. Amid all the rising prices, now one has to make a strong LinkedIn profile to seal the rent deal in the city.

Need a strong LinkedIn profile for house rent

If you are looking for a house in Bengaluru then keep your ID proof and required documents handy and in addition make a strong LinkedIn profile. Not just your parents and relatives, but now even the landlords in the Silicon city of India will want you to have a good degree and job to rent out their house to you.


According to some people searching for houses in Bengaluru, landlords in the city are asking for their LinkedIn profiles, payslips, and even write-ups before finalizing the rent agreement.

A user named Goutham has shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat with a broker who asked him to share his LinkedIn profile and a write-up about himself which will be further shared with the owner.


Day 12 of house hunting Indiranagar” he wrote and attached a screenshot of the WhatsApp chat. The chat shows how he was asked to share his LinkedIn profile. In a follow-up post, he shared a screenshot with another owner who asked the man to share a small write-up about himself.


The tweet has gone viral and so far it has collected over 1.50 lakh views on Twitter. Netizens also shared their experience in the comments section. Many other people have faced identical challenges in getting a house on rent.

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