This Twitter User’s ‘Peak Bengaluru’ Moment Inspires Netizens

A Benglurian’s tweet sharing his encounter with a Rapido rider is just extraordinary. An engaging story from the startup hub has the internet talking.

Peak Bengaluru moment

In a recent trend that’s grabbing people’s attention in Bengaluru, citizens share their experiences on Twitter describing a situation, interaction, or something they noticed in the city that could be classified as a ‘Peak Bengaluru’ moment.


Parag Jain, a Twitter user, shared a similar incident from Bengaluru. He shared how he had a mixed ‘Peak Bengaluru’ moment as a Rapido rider came to pick him up at his office WeWork, a provider of coworking spaces.

During the ride, the man asked him which floor he worked on. When Parag asked him if he had been in the building, he replied that he used to work in the same building two years ago.

Filmmaker cum Rapido rider

He said that he used to work in the operations team of a Chinese company. Nevertheless, after the ban on Chinese apps, he lost his job in March 2020. He also couldn’t find another job due to the pandemic and thought of working on his passion for ‘directing films’.


He said that he created a mini-series by investing all his savings. The series received a good response and interest from an OTT platform. But he rejected it due to some commercial issues.

As he was not earning money for the last two years, he finally thought of riding Rapido part-time just to survive. The man has not told his mother that he has been doing Rapido trips as he doesn’t want her to worry.

Parag also shared a business card of the man named Vignesh Nagabusanam which lists him as a freelance creative director and also has his contact information.


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