‘Peak Bengaluru’: Man Books Auto On Uber, Waiting Time Leaves Twitterati In Shock

Bengaluru, which is known for its tech sector and climate, is notorious for its traffic jams, which frequently leave travelers stranded for hours during rush hour. A Twitter user recently recounted his difficulty finding an Uber car in Bengaluru, which was 71 minutes away, and precisely 24km away from the location.

The waiting time

Commuting in Bengaluru continues to be a major source of aggravation for commuters, who frequently express their frustration on social media. A particular instance involved a Twitter user by the name of Anushank Jain who shared a screenshot of an Uber app auto ride request.


Although the post noted that an auto driver had accepted the ride, the user was more interested in the lengthy wait and significant distance. The distance between the auto and where it was needed was 24 kilometers, and the estimated waiting time was 71 minutes, which is the length of a flight from Delhi to Jaipur.

It would appear that bengalureans are not shocked enough by the lengthy waiting hour. The post was captioned, “Huge respect for him if he actually shows up. #peakbengaluru.”

Twitter Reacts

Internet users enthusiastically commented on the post. One remarked, “You are lucky, I couldn’t book even a single #uberauto in Bangalore from last week.” Another wrote, “That normally happens if the vehicle is hired and is coming to your location close by. There may be no vehicles at your location. So assigned a vehicle coming towards u (sic).”


However, the driver canceled the ride request within just one minute, as mentioned in Jain’s reply.