“Peak Bengaluru” moment: Man Hires Dunzo Agent To do this ‘Unthinkable Job’

Twitterati shares a scenario where a person decides to go the easier route of getting a Dunzo agent to visit a store personally, rather than having to call customer service and it taking up loads of time.

“Peak Bengaluru” moment

A Twitter user shared how a Dunzo agent was hired to register a complaint at an Apple store in Bengaluru. If this unknown genius had gone through the usual route of calling on the toll-free number, there won’t be any guarantee that his issue would be resolved. So, to avoid wasting time over automated calls, this man hired a Dunzo agent so that they could physically go to the Apple store and file his complaint on his behalf.


A Twitter user Shankar Ganesh tweeted this incident and called it a “peak Bengaluru” moment. “A person sent a Dunzo or Swiggy Genie guy to the Imagine Apple Store here and spoke to the staff through his phone (to bypass centralized call centers). Just @peakbengaluru things I guess,” the man tweeted.

Netizens react

Netizens were blown away by his brilliance in properly making use of the services.
One user wrote, “Print this, stick it on your desk and look at it every time that you think you’ve reached the limit for defining use cases for your product.”

One man even commented about the time he had once hired a Dunzo executive to “chase a bus”.


The post has been liked almost a thousand times with people praising the man for the life-changing hack to avoid long customer care center holds.