‘Life of a Bengalurian’: Man Works On Laptop While Watching A Film In Theatre

A video of a Bengaluru man working on his laptop while sitting in a theatre has gone viral on social media.

Peak Bengaluru Moment

People work from the office, and people work from home, but have you ever seen anyone working from the theatre? In Bengaluru, for example, a man brings his laptop to the movies to work.


A video that is now going viral, has a man working on his laptop while he is watching a movie at the theatre. While you can see that the movie hasn’t started yet, it’s nothing short of shocking to see him open the laptop in a theatre, most likely to do some work. Someone watching the movie in the theatre captured the moment, which has since gone viral. It was posted on the Instagram account Bangalore Malayalis on April 10 and has received over 6 lakh views.

Watch the video here: Click

Everyone who watched the video agreed that it summed up the “life of a techie in Bengaluru.” Many people commented on the Instagram post. Many were shocked to see it, others thought the city was rightly called the tech city.

One user wrote, “My life is stuck in traffic and cherry blossoms.” The second one stated, “He is pirating movie perhaps”.


Many were sad to see the man working while he was supposed to relax and enjoy the movie. “This has to be one of the saddest videos I’ve seen today,” said another. “If he is doing his office work then there is no need to wear this attitude as a badge of honor!” said the fourth one.

A Fifth person commented, “Literally him.. Theatre, mall, restaurants everywhere we go uffffff.”