Mangalavara Rajaadina Review: A Well-Made Entertainer Worthy Of A Theatrical Viewing

The Kannada Film Industry is gradually inching towards a full return to the cinema halls. Movies are beginning to enter the arena, and on February 5th, the makers of an interesting film chose to release their offering on the big screen.

Starring Kirik Party fame Chandan Achar and Lasya Nagaraj, the cleverly titled Mangalavara Rajaadina has hit the cinemas on the first Friday of February. Here is the review of the flick in the underneath headings:


What is Mangalavara Rajaadina all about?

Many films struggle to put down their stories in a single line. In this film though, the one-liner is crystal clear. Kumara is an ambitious hairstylist whose ultimate intent is to design a hairdo for his idol – Kichcha Sudeepa. The obstacles and whether he fulfils his mission outlines the crux of the plot.

Does the film entertain?

With a strong plotline, the makers have chosen an interesting route to deliver the impact. While the first half runs on comic sequences and double entendre dialogues, the portion after the climax is an emotional ride. Both halves have their admirers, and hence, the film manages to get close to the bulls-eye.

The performances

Chandan Achar is a striking performer and does considerably well in this film. He is suited to impersonate such off-beat roles and is on the way to slice his own niche in the industry. Lasya Nagaraj looks pretty and adds a neat display to her resume. Rajinikanth, the actor who performed the part of Chandan’s friend, is a show-stealer. However, it is Gopalakrishna Deshpande, the hero’s father, who walks off with the best performance. He is immense and a feast to watch in the sentimental scenes.


Technical departments ace the show

Despite this being his debut film, director Yuvin does a high-grade job of keeping the viewers hooked. He devised an interesting premise and constructed a meaty plot around it. Yuvin also impresses with his handling of the emotional scenes. Uday Leela’s visuals are fresh and commendable. The editing is also noteworthy.

Final Verdict

Mangalavara Rajaadina is a well-made entertainer that merits of a watch at the theatres. You experience an array of emotions, with the dominate ones being the extremely-favourited comedy and sentiment.