Project Sharapanjara: An Upcoming Kannada Film Based On The Dogme 95 Movement Oozes Freshness And Creativity

The movie-makers in Karnataka are exploring new horizons with each passing day. Here is a new team that is almost ready with a product that oozes freshness and creativity. On Wednesday, the makers released a poster from the film. In the below headings, we take a look at more about Project Sharapanjara.

Project Sharapanjara is an upcoming Kannada film

Project Sharapanjara is an upcoming experimental film made in the Kannada language. The film has many newcomers along with an ensemble cast including Pranav Sridhar of Shani and Nagini fame, Greeshma Sridhar who was previously seen in Malgudi Days and Rishika Naik who often features in commercials.


The film is directed by Rohith and Akarsh who have previously made short films that have made their way to various international film festivals. Currently, in the last stage of post-production, Project Sharapanjara is eyeing an early 2022 release.

It is based on the Dogme 95 Filmmaking Movement

The film is interesting as it is based on the Dogme 95 and the French new wave film movements which are known for their realism and existential themes. Some of the Dogma 95 rules include shooting in a real location with minimal characters and not using any special equipment.

Taking a fly on the wall approach, the strength of the film is its conversations which take the plot forward. Project Sharapanjara was made on a shoestring budget and it was mainly shot in one location during covid times. The film is also a commentary on the present filmmaking culture in the Kannada film industry.