Alla Naveena: A Peppy Kannada Breakup Single With Catchy Lyrics And Impressive Visuals

There is a section of the Kannada YouTube space that has admirers from all quarters. Kannada Singles have often found success and on Monday, it was the turn of popular lyricist Nagarjun Sharma to showcase his mastery. Featuring Raj B Shetty, Alla Naveena is already taking YouTube on a ride with engaging content.

Nagarjun Sharma at the helm Alla Naveena

Nagarjun Sharma is a popular name in the Kannada Film Industry. He is famous for his lyrics and he has impressed with the fact that he caters to multiple sections of the audience with his wordplay.


Alla Naveena is a Kannada Single that has Nagarjun Sharma taking the mantle of the director apart from writing the lyrics for it. The music has been composed by Ananda Raja, while Anthony Daasan has offered his vocals. Produced by Naav Naave Productions, the Single was released on Paramvah Music YouTube Channel.

Alla Naveena: A catchy number

A Breakup Song, Alla Naveena occurs at the instant when Raj B Shetty delivers advice to Atharvaa, who seems to be recovering from a breakup. Spoorthi Udimane plays Atharvaa’s love interest in the song.

The lyrics are different compared to what we usually get. It has been peppered with a few English words here and there, which adds to the hearing experience of the song.


Raj B Shetty comes away with the larger share of the cake as his presence makes the Single engaging from a visual perspective, as well. The other actors have also done a good job. The music, too, is catchy and will surely add to the New Year playlists. The production values are top-notch and the set-work has been done to perfection. Overall, it’s a fine effort from the young team that has shown plenty of promise.