Panchayat In Kannada: Sandalwood Actors Who Can Fit The Roles Perfectly

When it comes to dishing out content that can be lapped up by various sects of the audience, TVF leads the way. Their latest offering Panchayat has also taken the same lane. While the families are relishing the light-heartedness of the proceedings, youngsters are also uncovering a connect via the lead character.

The web-series scene in Kannada is yet to ascend but as glimpsed in recent months, the talent in the state is equipped to pull off something remarkable. Panchayat echoes with Indian viewers and would leave a mark if done alone in Kannada, too. In that case, who are the best fits for the characters? Here is a look at it:


Abhishek Tripathi – Rishi

While season one was more of “Sachivji” getting over the disappointment of his job, the character had a bigger role to play in the second season. Jitendra Sharma, as usual, does a good job and keeping in mind the urbanness of the character, we feel Rishi will fit the role.

Brij Bhushan Dubey (Pradhan-Pati) – Rangayana Raghu

The “Pradhan-Pati” was a hilarious role and it was realistic, as well. The character provided comic relief in its own way and Rangayana Raghu is fit for this brilliant character.

Manju Devi (Pradhan) – Sudharani

Neena Gupta surprised many with her portrayal of Manju Devi. Sudharani might be a little young but with a few tweaks here and there for the character, we find the veteran Kannada actress to be the apt pick here.


Prahlad Pandey – Doddanna

It is in the final episode of season two of Panchayat that the makers land a killer emotional blow. And that happens through Prahlad Pandey, played by Faisal Malik. Doddanna would be a really suitable pick for this role.

Vikas – Chikkanna

Chandan Roy is a brilliantly written and enacted character in Panchayat. He is one of the major lenses through which Abhishek sees the village and its issues. If Chikkanna brings out his natural mannerisms, it would be a walk in the park for him to essay Vikas.

Rinky – Ranjani Raghavan

Ranjani Raghavan is apt for Rinky’s character of a girl from a village who is educated and has a firm understanding of what she needs. In the serials that she has acted so far, Ranjani has essayed roles that have a hint of Rinky.


Bhushan – Achyuth Kumar

Bhushan was the prime conflict creator in the second season of Panchayat. Achyutha Kumar has the ability to pull off a wide array of roles and he seems fit for this character.

Kranti Devi – Umashree

Kranti Devi is cunning and through her antics, she offers a few laughs. Umashree might be a little old but she fits the bill when it comes to what the character wants to deliver.

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