Top 10 Supporting Performances In Kannada Movies In 2021

The Kannada Film Industry has never been bereft of competent performers on the screen. 2021 was no different. A few actors had an incredible outing although they were not the centre of the focus. They really aided their flicks to do well at either the box-office or on OTT platforms. On that note, we take a look at the ten best supporting performances in Sandalwood in 2021.

10. Nagabhushan – Ikkat

Of course, he was one of the lead protagonists but Ikkat had primarily only three characters, and hence, we have Nagabhushan in this category. The actor did a terrific job in essaying the role of a middle-class husband.


9. Saurav Lokesh – Bhajarangi 2

It was with Bhajarangi that Saurav Lokesh earned his popularity in KFI. In the sequel of the movie, Lokesh dished out yet another convincing performance.

8. Shivaraj K. R. Pete – Roberrt

Shivaraj KR Pete had a strong outing in the film Roberrt. Apart from what is usually expected when he comes on screen, Shivraj KR Pete had a couple of more layers added to his character.

7. Dhananjaya – Salaga 

Dhananjaya has reached the stage in his career when his appearance in a Kannada Film cannot be counted as a supporting show. However, in Salaga, with Duniya Vijay already in the lead, we have included the “Tagaru” actor in the supporting performance category.


6. Kirankumar – Hero 

Rishabh Shetty is always known to introduce fresh faces. For Hero, it was necessary that they clicked. Kinna Kirankumar’s act as the Chef was hilarious and added to the viewing experience.

5. Prakash Raj – Yuvarathnaa

Gurudev Deshmukh is an important character in the context of the plot of Yuvarathnaa. Prakash Raj was in top form while delivering the performance for this film.

4. Shruthi – Rathnan Prapancha

Shruthi played a well-written role in Rathnan Prapancha. She had ample scope for performance and the terrific actress that she is, Yellavva became a success because of her.


3. Umashree – Rathnan Prapancha

Umashree after a long time made a comeback to films. As is the practice, whenever she was on screen, there was laughter guaranteed. This time around, there were a few tears too.

2. Pramod – Rathnan Prapancha

Pramod as Udaal Babu Rao was the show-stealer in Rathnan Prapancha. For those who had watched Premier Padmini, this performance was not a big surprise. The way he pulled off the comic and the emotional scenes within a span of a few dozen minutes was excellent.

1. Gopal Krishna Deshpande – Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana

Gopalakrishna Deshpande is one actor who has been doing a great job of late. His performance in GGVV was another feather to his cap. Raj B Shetty and his gang had also conceived the character well.