Top 5 Films With The Best ‘Interval Bang’ In 2022

In Indian Cinema, the interval plays a huge role in impacting the overall feel of the film. Almost every film is judged based on the two halves and the only link between the two is the bang in the middle before the break. Setpieces are a common insertion here and we had a few of them meet massive success in 2022. Five of them are listed in the below headings:

1) RRR

It was the genius of SS Rajamouli that hardly anyone expected this interval coming and when it did arrive, all hell broke loose! Hints were thrown at regular intervals and the payoff was beyond expectations when Jr NTR jumps out of the truck with all the animals around him. The action choreography was also brilliant in this sequence.


2) Vikram

The comeback vehicle of Kamal Haasan ticked all the boxes at the box office. We saw it all coming but the drama, buildup, and the BGM at the interval point left the audience wanting more. The same holds good with the climax, as well.

3) KGF Chapter 2

Offer Closes Soon! Elevations are the wheels of KGF and the interval bang was enough for the audience to wait in their seats waiting for the next half. In the hero’s arc, as well, this moment was crucial as a few moments ago, he had almost lost everything.

4) Brahmāstra: Part One – Shiva

Brahmastra was filled with action sequences and drama setpieces. The interval delivered one of the best when Shiva realizes his powers. Amitabh Bachchan also appears after this point and hence, the movie turns out to become exciting.


5) Love Today

While the films above this list relied on an action bang, Love Today took the other route. The drama and twist delivered at the interval were engaging and kept the viewers interested for the rest of the flick.