Kali Kannada Short Film Review: A Brave And Unique Attempt By The Makers

The Kannada Film Industry is expanding its horizons and at the grassroots level, we are witnessing the development of a strong feeder system. Kannada Short Films have been gaining prominence, thanks to the brilliant skills on the table. Kali is one of the films that has become popular in recent days. We review this short in the below headings.

Directed by Vijeth Aralaguppi, the short has been produced by Kittaakbudteevi Films Inc (KFI). While Abin Rajesh is the DOP, Adhvik is the music director and Gautam Pallakki edited the film. The cast includes Rakesh Raaj, Gaana Bhat, Surya Vasishta, and Praanya Rao, amongst others.


A brave attempt by the makers

A crime drama, Kali is a love story that is set in the age of darkness. The film explores the limits that love can stretch a human being. There is also a unique father-daughter bond woven into the storyline that adds a lot of depth. The performances are also apt.

The film has a terrific storyline and the engaging screenplay heightens it further. One of the highlights of the short is that the makers have attempted to narrate a crime drama in a poetic template. In fact, as per the makers, this is the challenge that excited them to take up the project.

Kali Short Film

Fantastic technical skills on display

The USP of the short is that the lighting and music are not surface-level elements like it is usually seen in most short films. Here, these technicalities add depth to the story and they provide the right kind of mood and texture to the proceedings. The DOP, music director, and editor should all be commended for their efforts.


Kali has already received good recognition from various international film festivals. At the recent Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival, Kali was awarded a ‘Special Festival Mention’ honor. So far, there have been 11 official selections and five awards won in different festivals. The critical appreciation has already arrived and you would not want to miss out on this brilliant content by the future of KFI: