Suriya’s Jai Bhim Impresses With On-Point And Quality Kannada Dubbing Apart From A Solid Plot

jai bhim kannada dubbing

Tamil star Suriya came up with Soorarai Pottru on Amazon Prime video in 2020. After a long run of underperforming films, it was a fine hit for the talented actor. This year, too, Suriya has an OTT release in the form of Jai Bhim. The film dropped on Amazon Prime video on November 2nd, and it has opened to rave reviews. It has also been dubbed in various languages, and the Kannada dub of Jai Bhim has caught the eye of Kannada viewers.

Yet another memorable outing by Suriya

Just like Soorarai Pottru, Suriya picked a real-life story for Jai Bhim. This film is based on Mr K Chandru. A tribal woman searches for her husband who goes missing from police custody. With nowhere to go, she lands at the doorstep of Chandru, who takes on the government to find justice for the woman and her community. Jai Bhim ticks off most of the boxes like having a solid plot, engaging screenplay, exceptional performances and a moving message.


Finally, a film with quality Kannada dubbing

With dubbing in Kannada made permissible a few years ago, the door to this market was opened. However, until now, the dubbing quality has been underwhelming and the makers have tried very little to make changes for the native culture.

That said, Jai Bhim has done exceptionally well in this department. Barring the songs, the Kannada dubbing has been done to perfection in this movie. There is no compromise whatsoever, and it feels really close to watching a straight Sandalwood product. Twitter, too, resonated the same opinion. Among all the dubbing artists, Sparsha RK stands out. She has dubbed for Sengeni character played by Lijomolo Jose.