14 Kannada Movies That Were Made Ahead of Their Time

The Kannada Film is scaling new horizons on each passing Friday. While tomorrow looks luminous, it can be stated that for an industry that has such a creamy legacy, the present situation could have been more reasonable. Nevertheless, time and again, KFI begets masterworks that tend to break the perimeters of storytelling. A few can be deemed to have been created ahead of their times. In this article, we would discuss fourteen such Kannada Films.

1) Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu – 1974

Now, what can be said about this film! All films that are racing towards the Oscar nominations from India in recent years would have surely taken a leaf out of S. Siddalingaiah masterpiece.


2) Operation Diamond Racket – 1978

Yes, the Bond films of Dr Rajkumar has their sources of inspiration but the makers managed to provide the perfect addition of ingredients to make it suitable for the Kannada audience.

3) Jedara Bale – 1968

One of the first attempts by KFI to make a Bond-esque film, Jedara Bale was interesting as it brought many new plot points to the screenplay. Dr Rajkumar’s acting, of course, accentuated it.

4) Sharapanjara – 1971

Sharapanjara dealt with a topic that many find hard to discuss even now. Puttanna Kanagal also packed it with an engrossing screenplay to keep the viewers glued.


5) Ondu Muttina Kathe – 1987

Be it stretching the realms of filmmaking or experimenting with a new idea, the Shankar Nag – Dr Rajkumar duo did great service to KFI by bringing out this film.

6) Accident – 1984

Accident is a classic that makes it count on multiple layers. It was truly a film ahead of its time. Many of the characters and instances re-iterate even now.

7) Ranganayaki – 1981

Ranganayaki is a daring film and filmmakers might think thrice before attempting such a subject now. Puttanna Kanagal was always ahead of his time and Ranganayaki is an example.


8) Nodi Swamy Navirodu Hige – 1983

A social satire is hardly considered a genre now. Very few directors attempt it in the contemporary era. With a stunning screenplay, Shankar Nag was at his best in this film.

9) Kathasangama – 1976

While Netflix’s and the Prime’s are overdoing the anthologies now, legend Puttanna Kanagal did it decades ago. Of course, he also hit the ball out of the park with engaging plots.

10) Nishkarsha – 1993

A hostage film back then was a fresh idea. The genre holds relevance even today. The star cast and the experiment by Sunil Kumar Desai deserves a lot of accolades.


11) Upendra – 1999

When it comes to pop philosophy, very few come close to Upendra. He did it in the previous century and also brought it out convincingly through his films. Upendra is one of the finest examples of the same.

12) Lucia – 2013

Called the flagbearer of the new-age revolution in Kannada cinema, Lucia was ahead in multiple aspects. The crowdfunding idea was novel and of course, the screenplay and the making is something few find it hard to emulate even now.

13) Ulidavaru Kandanthe – 2014

While the Roshomon concept was prevalent outside our borders, in India, the density was less. Rakshit Shetty carved out a different piece of cinema and he layered it with the setting of coastal Karnataka. The sequel will be one of the most expected films of KFI.

14) Hollywood – 2002

Upendra is a master at dishing out-of-the-box topics, and Hollywood was one of them. It is unfortunate that the film did not make reach too much out of the state. Later, Rajinikanth’s Robo reminded of the movie to the Sandalwood viewers who had missed it then.