This Decade-Old Nandishwara Lunch Home Serves Awesome Bele Bath, Avalakki At Just Rs.20

nandishwara lunch home

Ever had second-thoughts about paying a visit to the extremely famous MTR? Stop Thinking and get on the road towards MTR. However, just take a small deviation and find your way to the Nandishawara Lunch Home which is situated very close to the Mavalli Tiffin Room.

There are a number of landmarks (Urvashi Theatre, Lalbagh Road) to help you find the address to this tiny restaurant which will make half your job easy. The other half of the job will be pending and this job is pretty simple, just take your taste-buds for a ride at the Nandishwara Lunch Home.

This food joint was established many years ago and the place still holds its place despite a number of popular restaurants emerging around. The reason for this is the extremely tasty food at almost negligible prices.

Authentic dishes at one place

Do not go by the name as this restaurant is not restricted to being a lunch-only hotel. Nandishawara Lunch Home is open almost throughout the day and most of the authentic Karnataka dishes are included in the menu. Apart from the soft idlis and crispy dosas, Nandishwara Lunch Home serves our very own Bisibele Bath and Avalakki. Poori and Chow-Chow Bath are also not ignored at this restaurant. However, the Rasam Rice and the Sambar Rice is hugely popular for its taste, quantity and pocket-friendly price.

Coming to the prices, the Special Masala Dosa is the costliest item on the menu and it costs you just Rs 35! All the other items are available at an average price of Rs 20 and that makes this restaurant a highly recommended one.

nandishwara lunch home

The crowded atmosphere

If you are a big fan of hotels with modern architecture and high-class furniture, then Nandishwara Lunch Home is not the place for you. Having been set up a few decades ago, this restaurant has not seen a makeover for a few years and hence, it may not impress you with its setting. However, all these issues are forgotten once you start falling into the tasty trap at this restaurant.

India is an overpopulated country and if there is lip-smacking food available at cheap prices, the crowd is even more. Even Nandishwara Lunch Home is not spared by this as you might get irritated due to the ever-increasing number of souls inside the restaurant.

Being a self-service restaurant, very few times would you successfully manage to take your order to your table without spilling a little. However, the service at the counter is quick and the owner of the hotel is an interactive personality. Cleanliness and Hygiene are not compromised at this restaurant.

nandishwara lunch home


There are a number of special things about this restaurant. To start with, the Special Masala Dosa available here is beyond description. It is roasted to perfection and the chutney blends extremely well with the dosa. Bisisbele Bath is amazing as the semi-liquid state of the item is likely to play with your taste buds inside your mouth. The Khara Boondi is also of the highest quality.

If you are short of money and are starving, Nandishwara Lunch Home is the best place to go if you are somewhere close to Shanti Nagar. The Lunch items will make you forget about not being able to eat food at home as the taste here does not differ much from what is made by your mother at home. They are light on your wallet and it is indeed a blessing to experience such a thing in an expensive city like Bengaluru.

Open: 7 AM – 7:45 PM (Closed on Sunday)

Where: 101, Siddaiah Rd, Sudhama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka



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