This Place in Jayanagar Serves ‘Sakkath’ Bengaluru Style Breakfast And You Shouldn’t Miss It At All

bengaluru cafe jayanagar

It would definitely be an understatement if Bengaluru gets the tag of the “Dosa Capital” of our country. A wide variety of dosas are available across the city and each restaurant serving dosa makes sure the quality and taste never go down. With so many dosa joints flooding the city, it is difficult to make a statement in this big crowd. However, the Bangalore Cafe at Jayanagar has done this and what more, there are a host of items apart from the dosas which are lip-smacking here.

Located in Jayanagar 2nd Block, this restaurant is right next to the Karnataka Bhel House. It is a traditional “Darshini” type restaurant and the huge crowd outside this joint will help you identify the exact location.

bengaluru cafe jayanagar

Authentic Karnataka Food Items

Yes, Bangalore Cafe has become famous for the traditional Karnataka Food items available here. Starting from Idli (Rs10), Vada (Rs 15), Masala Dosa (Rs 35) to Shavige Bath (Rs 25) and Avalakki (Rs 25), a host of such home-made dishes are on offer here. All these items have been priced reasonably and will definitely help you in case you are short of money.
However, we would recommend a few items which would make sure that you would never forget the trip to this restaurant.

The first in this list stands the Benne Masala which is served with the ghatti chutney. The dosa is crisp and also soft at the same time. The generous amount of butter used will definitely make you forget your everyday calorie count. Goli Bhajji, Idli and Filter Coffee are also recommended at this restaurant.

bengaluru cafe jayanagar


Darshini Style Restaurant

Bangalore Cafe is very similar to other Darshinis you would find across the city. It is small and there are a few tables which are occupied in most cases. The crowd is huge and hence, always be prepared for a few minutes of waiting time if you are planning to visit this joint.
The service is prompt and a few members of the staff are also happy to afford a few minutes of conversation with the customers. Hygiene is not an issue here as high standards of cleanliness are maintained by the management.

4-Wheeler parking will not be a problem as you can park your cars on the main road adjacent to this restaurant.

bengaluru cafe jayanagar


Bangalore Cafe serves only authentic Karnataka foods and that is exactly what it has become famous for. Piping hot idlis would be available at any time of the day and softness of the “King of Indian Breakfast” will impress your taste buds. As explained before, Benne Masala cannot be missed at this joint. There are a few fans for the spicy chutney which is served along with the dosas. Goli Bhajji is a snack-item that would help your cravings for deep-fried dishes at this restaurant.

However, the best feeling is experienced when all of the above dishes are washed down well with a cup of the famous Filter Coffee here. The Coffee is just perfect and the ratio at which the milk and coffee powder has been used can help reduce any kind of stress you might be feeling.

Open: 7 AM – 12:30 PM

Where: 9th Main Rd, 2nd Block, Jaya Nagar East, Jayanagar, Bengaluru




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