With 16,400 Biryani Lovers, This Bengaluru Biryani Club is A Place Made For All Biryani Lovers in the City


Biryani is a dish that does not need any introduction. The delicious blend of flavors, spices, and aroma in biryani has made people fall in love with this Indian cuisine. It has got a number of die-hard fans all around the world. Surprisingly, Bengaluru has its own Biryani club which aims to be the first priority destination for biriyani expert in the city.

All About Biryani Club

The Bengaluru Biryani Club Facebook page was started in April 2017. With already having 16,400 followers, this group helps to build a community of Biryani lovers. Indeed, where one could discuss everything about biryani, sample the best ones in the city and share recipes.

However, this group was created by Renukesh Bingeri, Vinay Nagaraju, Vinay Setty, and Navneeth Thimmappa started to connect with all Biryani lovers in the city. It includes members who post pictures of the biryanis who eat on a daily basis. Therefore, this group is all about describing the Donnes and the Dums.

Biryani Club

Bengaluru has a large population that loves biryani, but the group was not confident about the ability to attract members when they first started. However, on a first meet, the club started with 20 people, who turned up for an early morning breakfast ride to Anand Dum Biryani at Hoskote, has now grown to 16,400 members on social media. The Facebook page sees an average of 60 Biryani-related posts every week.

Before deciding a meetup the group makes sure pre-screening is done at least twice to check the consistency of the quality. Additionally, they take online research and go around the city on weekends to discover some of the unknown places.

Biryani Club

Interesting Facts

Interestingly, the club also has a WhatsApp group that not only discusses the latest Biryani but also helps locals to connect for Biryani treasure hunts. Moreover, this group has chefs sharing recipes of popular versions of biryani and encourages discussions about this dish.

It is said that they have hosted one of the biggest meet-ups of nearly 130 members at Shivaji Military Hotel. However, they also began hosting events outside of Bengaluru, taking members along with them for a different experience. The first one was at Mysuru’s legendary Hotel Hanumanthu for which 60 members traveled together in a train.

Biryani Club

However, if you consider biryani as bae, then this group on Facebook has dedicated everything towards biryani. Biryani has earned the luxury of being a royal food. A simply cooked rice, vegetables, and meat with some authentic Indian spices have made biryani a love affair for gastronomers. So why wait, join the group to explore and decode the science about the delicious Biryani.

Source: The Hindu 




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