Hotel Maratha Darshan, A Hidden Gem in Bengaluru for a Perfect Naati Style Non-Veg Food

maratha darshan

You might have tasted non-veg food in different places or you might have hooked on to legendary places like Ranganna Military hotel or Shivaji Military hotel. However, there are so many hidden gems in the city which on a usual note is lesser-known or undiscovered. While searching for such places, we found this hotel named Maratha Darshan which is recommended for so many reasons.

This is an authentic North Karnataka / Maharsatrian hotel which serves the delicious Non-Veg food cooked in a Desi Marathi style. As soon as you enter the hotel, the peregrine aroma of food will hit your nose to make you feel even more hungry. The redolence of Masala and the whiff of spiced meat will give you a clue about the taste of the food being served. Simply move on holding your temptations to its lip.


maratha darshan

Not a Great Ambiance But Food will Make for it

You may go Gaga over the place. It looks completely muddled and dowdy but once you settle down and start enjoying the food, you will forget everything. In the ground floor, you have no seating facility. However, the second floor is open for the family with bench-type seating, usually crowded and occupied.

hotel maratha darshan

The menu of Hotel Maratha Darshan

Actually, you go clueless as what to order and what to skip. We recommend you to go with your taste and order for it. We loved Mutton Kaima Thali, Ragi Mudde (of course), Keema and Chicken Kebabs. Soppina Saaru is worth a mention because it tasted heaven with Mudde. It was brilliantly cooked with a lot of spices, ground greens, tomato, and onion. Mutton Kaima came with an exceptional taste and Mutton Liver had a perfect mix of pepper and chili.

maratha darshan

Blessed are those who make time for Maratha Darshan and more blessed are those who get a chance to visit this place, more often. You know, Full-on Paisa Vasool!


Open: 12:30 – 4 PM (Monday Closed)

Where: Queens Road Cross, Cunningham road.

Nearest Metro Station: Cubbon Park


Location Details:

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