14 Local’s Hot Favourite Food Points in Bengaluru other than Vidyarthi Bhavan

Favourite Food Points in Bengaluru

Of late, we were in search of popular yet unexplored food points in Bengaluru. Those joints which are not listed and celebrated on a usual note. The food points where local’s swear by and places where one can relish the vernacular flavors of the city. For an instance, a hotel that serves the delicious Gasagase Paaysa or a place where one can buy local snacks or a point where we get to taste something like Chiroti milk, Holige, Kardantu, Goli Baji, Neer Dosa, Kachori, Benne Masala, and other native varieties. If you are a local Bengalurian then you might have definitely visited these places however for the ones who are in quest, we have compiled a few in today’s read. Check out this list of local’s favourite Food points in Bengaluru.

Local’s Favourite Food Points in Bengaluru

VB Bakery

If you go to Basavanagudi (South Bengaluru) and ask for VB Bakery then local’s point you there with a smile. It is one of the oldest bakeries in the city and easily a hit among people of all ages. It is so popular that it has become a house hold name in the areas of Basavanagudi and South Bengaluru. As this bakery is at the edge of city’s favourite Thindi Beedhi, your visit to VB Bakery can turn out to be an extraordinary food outing.


Must-Have: Khaara Bun Congress (KBC), Almond Toffees, Damrot, Coconut biscuit, Honey Cake, Capsicum Bun, and Masala Rusk

Where: Sajjan Rao Circle, VV Puram, Basavanagudi.

Open: 10 AM – 10 PM


Favourite Food Points in Bengaluru
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New Modern Hotel

This is a place where most people living in Basavanagudi start their day. New Modern hotel or popularly known as NMH is located in VV Puram, Basavanagudi. One thing we liked about this hotel is its Sambar. It is just WOW man. The classic old ambiance of the hotel, local food and the beauty of Basavanagudi is something you cannot afford to miss. NMH has darshini culture and is one of the legendary hotels which is serving Bengaluru from years.

Don’t get surprised to see Waiters in Lungi. This is a place which is emotionally attached to Old Bangalore’s memories. If you want to experience the Old Bangalore lifestyle then NMH is highly recommended.

Must-Have: Puri Saagu, Vada-Sambar, Idli, Ghee, Sambar, Chiroti Milk, Rava Idli, Thatte Idli, and Coffee


Where: Near Minnarva Circle, AN Krishna Rao road, VV Puram, Basavanagudi

Open: 7 AM – 9 PM

locals favourite food points

Kamat Bugle Rock

This is yet another Popular food point in Basavanagudi. If you go to Bull temple then you should visit this place. They have an authentic Bengaluru menu and the quality of food is highly applauded and appreciated. In Kamat bugle rock, leave the usual food items and try North Karnataka food.


They serve the lip-smacking Yennegai (Brinjal Gravy), Jolad rotti, Soppina Baji, and Mirchi Bajji. I don’t recommend North-Indian and snack items like Manchoori, Fried rice kind of things. Simply go and order North Karnataka Thaali.

Where: 5th Main Road, Bull Temple road, Basavanagudi

Open: 9 AM – 10 PM

Favourite Food Points in Bengaluru
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Mudde Madaappa Mess

To the love for Mudde (Raagi Ball). Mudde Madapp Mess is famous for Soft Ragi Mudde coupled with Spicy Sambar and Butter milk. It feels like Home and one of the best places in the city for Mudde meals. This is one place which has not lost its charm in the breeze of development and Urbanisation. Till date, Madappa Mess is local’s hot favourite for the fact that it has retained its authenticity and taste.


I am falling short of words to exemplify the taste of Mudde Madappa Mess. All I can say is, don’t miss and just don’t miss it.

Where: Sagar Complex, Near Tata Consultancy, 5th Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Majestic

Open: 8 AM – 10 AM | 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM | 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

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Puliyogre Point

If you ask me to name a hotel which is an alternative to Vidyarthi Bhavan in terms of taste and quality then I can easily bet on Puliyogre Point. As the name suggests, it is known for city’s favourite Puliyogre (tamarind flavoured rice). However, you can also taste specials like Sakkare Pongal, Normal Pongal, Coconut rice, and Button Idlis.

Must-Have: Puliyogre, Sakkare Pongal (sweet), Pakoda, Open Masala, and Coffee


Where: East Anjaneya Street, NR Colony, Basavanagudi

Open: 7 AM – 10 PM

Favourite Food Points in Bengaluru
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Gundappa Sweets / Sri Rama Vilas Sweets

Popularly known as Gundappanna Sweets or today’s Sri Rama Vilas sweets is a place where you get traditional Mysore Pak, Avalakki Mixture, Chakli, Kodubale, and all kinds of Karnataka Desserts.

Must-Have – Mysuru Pak

Where: Near Dharma Raya Swamy temple, Nagarthpet Road, Majestic

Open: 12 PM – 8 PM

locals favourite food points
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Malleswaram Holige Mane

If you are a holige fanatic and bored of eating the same old Dal Holige then visit this Holige Mane. Get your hands on variety of holiges from Fruit holige, Kobri (coconut) holige, Sakkare holige, Puran holige, to absolutely luscious khova, and dates. Here, you can have holiges served straight out of the Tawa. I’m sure that you will love the perfect brown, soft edged, ghee soaked Holiges of Holige Mane.

Special: Variety of Holiges

Where: 10th Cross, Yellappa Garden, Malleshawara.

Open: 10 AM – 10 PM

Favourite Food Points in Bengaluru
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Subbamma Stores

Established in 1947, this store is famous for handmade goodies and traditional condiments. It is also known as Srinivas Stores where you can buy food items like Chakli, Kodubale, Holige, Chutney Pudi, Sandige, Paapad, Pickles, Avarekai Mix, Goosberry Thokku (pickle), Congress Kadlekai, and Hurigaalu.

Where: H.B Samaaja road, Near Gandhi Bazaar Circle, Basavanagudi

locals favourite food points
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If you haven’t visited CTR then don’t call yourself a Bengalurian. Located in the Margosa road of Malleshwara, CTR is a popular Darshini of the city. It is a legendary hotel which has a huge fan following across the city.

Must-Have: Benne Masala Dose, Butter Masala Dose, Kesari Bath, Maddur Vade, and everything on the menu.

Where: 7th Cross, Margosa Road, Malleshwara

Open: 7:30 AM – 12:30 and 4 PM – 9 PM

Favourite Food Points in Bengaluru

Karnataka Bhel House

Karnataka Bhel House is a landmark Chaat center in Bengaluru which is widely applauded and appreciated. They have everything on their menu from Masala Puri, Dahi Puri, Samosa Kachori, Sev Puri, Aloor Puri, and Congress Masala. Quite a good place to have a good time with your friends relishing the tasty chaats in the city.

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Military Hotels

Military hotels in Bengaluru has a history to say and a few of them are here from 100 years. Enjoy the Naati Style Non-Veg Cuisine.

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Favourite Food Points in Bengaluru

Few more

This is the list of Food points suggested by our readers. Take a look.

  • By 2 Coffee near Vijayanagar
  • SLV near Banashankari BDA complex
  • Shiva Chaats in Hanumanth nagar, 50 ft road
  • Nammora Thindi in Nagarabhavi
  • Dry Chaats in Bangalore University
  • Hot Chips in Jayanagar 4th Block
  • Swathi Restaurant in HSR Layout
  • Cottonpet Donne Biriyani
  • Chikkanna Tiffin Room – Cubbon Pete
  • Chilli Chicken in Navayuga hotel, Gandhinagar
  • Malleswaram Egg rice

This was the list of Local’s Favourite food points in Bengaluru. We have few more to add to the list and we are writing about them in the next part of the article. Please let us know your favourite food point in the comments below.

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