Bengaluru Kadalekai Parishe Is Back – 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss This

kadalekai parishe

The Kadalekai Parishe is a two-day groundnut fair held every year in Bengaluru. This fair is what brings back the old world charm in Bengaluru every year. Come, let’s know more about Kadalekai parishe and reasons why it is special for Bengaluru.

All in Basavanagudi

This festival is held each year in Basavanagudi. It is said that in 1537, Kempe Gowda dedicated a temple to Dodda Basava on the Basavanagudi hillock. To this day, this temple is known as the Bull Temple and this festival is dedicated to Lord Basava. Farmers from all the neighboring villages come over to pay their tributes to the Lord.

kadalekai parishe

The Legend

In the past, Basavanagudi was surrounded by villages where groundnut would be cultivated. On every full moon night, a bull would charge into the fields and damage the crops. In order to mitigate the damage, the farmers prayed to Lord Basava (Nandi) to bring an end to this. They pledged their first crop in return.

An idol of Lord Basava was found nearby, later on. This idol was said to be growing rapidly. The farmers then nailed an iron peg on its head, which can be seen today as a trishula. After the festival, Lord Basava is said to come and eat the groundnuts and peels left overnight, on the streets.

kadalekai parishe

Welcoming Winter with joy

This festival marks the end of the Karthika Masa, a month on the Hindu Calendar. This festival also marks the beginning of the winter season and there couldn’t be a more festive way to do so!

kadalekai parishe

A benefit to the local economy

Since the fair consists of farmers from nearby villages, this festival not only encourages people to buy from them, but also to avoid usage of plastic. This helps in protecting the environment and in encouraging Bengalureans to keep supporting farmers.

kadalekai parishe

Bhajjis, sweets and all the food you want!

What good is a festival without sweets and snacks? The Kadlekai Parishe has what you’re looking for, in this regard. From various kinds of sweets to bhajjis and other mouth-watering delicacies, this festival has all the food you want.

kadalekai parishe


The various kinds of groundnuts being sold here will leave you stunned. Raw, boiled, roasted, salted, spiced….you will be left with a long list of the varieties you can get here! What’s more, you can buy all of these groundnuts straight from the farmer, in huge quantities.

kadalekai parishe

Toys, trinkets and more

No festival is complete without colorful stalls selling toys and trinkets we’ve been so drawn towards, as children. There is no way that this festival won’t take you back to your childhood days, with the various toys on display, and the kids crowded around them.

kadalekai parishe

The fair and its irresistible charm

We’re sure that you cannot resist the charm of the fair and rides it’ll have to offer. Be it the cotton candy, the bubbles or the fun moments, this festival is surely going to awaken the child within you! Be it the giant Ferris wheel or the children running around, this Kadalekai Parishe is sure to stir up excitement within you!

kadalekai parishe

The Temples

The Bull Temple and the Dodda Ganesha Temple are beautifully decorated and are a must visit on this auspicious occasion. Spend a few moments in prayer and witness the legendary idol yourself.

kadalekai parishe

Fun with Family

Festivals such as these remind us of our traditions and of what family means to us. This is one such festival where we come together and celebrate our culture. After all, there’s something in it for everyone!

When: Primarily on 3rd and 4th December. However, the vibe will still be there on 5th Decemeber (2018). 

We wish you a very happy Kadlekai Parishe and hope that this occasion brings your family closer than ever. Have a great time, Bengaluru!

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