Basvanagudi’s Namma SLN is an Undiscovered Gem in Bengaluru for a Lip-Smacking Breakfast

There are a few localities in Bengaluru which have become the part of city’s culture and heritage from ages. They are so inherent that in its every lane, you will experience the gray fragrance of the city’s legacy. They are here for generations as a witness to all the dusk and dawn of city’s development and breakdown. In this context, if we look at Bengaluru then we have such localities and one among them is the beautiful Basavanagudi. So, when you are in Basavanagudi, you might have explored places like Vidyarthi Bhavan, Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room, or NMH but we have found an undiscovered gem for you – Namma SLN.

namma sln

The Menu of Namma SLN

If you have an unlimited craving for Bengaluru-styled Breakfast then you should visit this hotel named Namma SLN in Basavangudi. It is a small outlet located next to Rotighar in the bustling street of Gandhi Bazaar. People crave for Biriyanis but once you eat Veg Pulao from SLN, you will forget your Biriyani (with due respect to biriyani lovers). Yes, it is so drool-worthy that it comes in two varieties – with Ghee and without Ghee. We recommend you try the one with Ghee; you will say Oh My Food!



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Sabbakki Special – Dose and Idli

Being a Bengalurian, you might have tasted Dose and Idli of a various kind, however, this one is special. It is for reasons that it is made of Sabbakki. Probably, this is the only place in Bengaluru where you get Sabbakki Dose and Sabbbakki Idli. The piping hot Idlis coupled with spiced chutney is a combination made in heaven. They come in two varieties; sabbakki (green idli) and Normal Idli. When it comes to Dose, they have Sabsige Green Masala Dose which is truly the next level of Dose you will ever taste.

namma sln

Please note you don’t have a seating facility here and don’t expect ‘ambiance’ kind of things. But the food will make up for everything, trust us. This is a typical footpath kind of place which will be crowded with food lovers like you and us.


Note: Food will be served on banana leaf with a paper beneath.

So, when you are in Basavanagudi, make sure you visit Namma SLN and thank us later for introducing you to a super-awesome breakfast point in Bengaluru.

Open: 7 AM – 4 PM and 5 PM – 9 PM


Where: Gandhi Bazaar, Next to Roti Ghar, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru.

Location Details:

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