Top Things to do in VV Puram Food Street and Must-Have Food in the city’s most Loved Thindi Beedi

vv puram food street

VV Puram Food Street or popularly known as Thindi Beedi is the most loved food street of the city infused as a part of Bengaluru food culture. Local’s swear by with all love but if you are a first-time visitor then this food street will make you hungry, keen and edacious for foods which are lined in different varieties. As the Sun dawns in the west, the area lights up with shutters rolling up, Food carts arriving at their designated spot and people whooping for their orders – VV Puram looks bustling and filled with all energy till the clock strikes midnight. Come, let us explore the space and look at the things to do in VV Puram food street in today’s read.

Start with Benne Biscuits, Honey Cake, and Congress Bun at V.B Bakery

V.B Bakery and its legacy are gracing the food lovers of Bengaluru from last 50 years. Being one of the oldest bakeries in the city, it so popular that it has become a household name in the areas of Basavanagudi and South Bengaluru. We recommend you to begin from this bakery where you get super delicious Benne and Khaara biscuits, Congress Bun, Toffees, Damrots, Masala Rusk and more.

VV Puram food street

Jalebis at Shri Vasavi Chatnis

If you are entering from Sajjan Rao circle then you will spot this on your left. Being credited as one of the first shops to be put on the street, Vasavi Chatnis is a must-stop for amazingly tasty Jalebis, Akki Roti, Ragi Roti, and Noodles.

Also Have – Mini Masala Idlis, Paddus, Avarekaalu Dose, and Raagi Dose.

food street
Image Credits – Talking Street

Curd Kodu Bale at Arya Vysya Refreshment

Just after Shri Vasavi Chatnis, you’ll find this restaurant to your left which is insanely popular for their authentic curd Kodu Bale. With a history of 75 years to its credit, Arya Vysya is primarily known for their crispy curd ring coupled with spicy and red chutneys. You can also try their soft and fluffy Idlis which are equally good.

VV Puram food street
Image Credits – Talking Street

Bisi Bisi Holige at Idli Mane

Idli Mane which is right next to Dev Sagar serves the regular South-Indian dishes like Idli, Dose, Khaara Bath in the street. However, this food point is famous for their Holige which is served in three varieties – Dal, Coconut, and Sugar.

VV Puram food street
Image Credits – The Better India

Rasgulla Chaat at Dev Sagar

Moving on a little bit, if you want to try Mumbai foods like Pav bhaji, Vada pav, Tawa Pulao, and Dabeli then come to Dev Sagar. The special Rasgulla Chaat served here made with Rasgullas immersed in sweet curd with a topping of cashew nuts, pomegranate seeds, boondi, and Coriander is a must-have.

Also Great For: Pav Bhaji, Dabeli, Rasmalai, Carrot Halwa, and Jalebi.

curd kodu bale
Image Credits – The Three Hungry Men

Mumbai Lassi Center

Have you tasted Rabri? Ahh, it is just out of the world. This Mumbai Lassi center, a 20-year-old shop is known for its refreshing milk drinks and super-delicious Rabri. You can also try Badam Milk, Falooda, and Rose milk when you are here.

VV Puram food street
Image Credits – Pinterest

Differently tasting Baath Dose at Ramu Tiffin Center

If Dose has taken different shapes and flavors then the credit should go to Bengaluru, the Dose capital of the country. Ramu tiffin center, pretty popular one in the street will attract you with the very aroma of their lip-smacking Ghee Dose. Ghee Dose is good but when you are here, you should try their unique dish named Baath Dose. A Masala dose filled with rice inside coupled with chili and chutney is one of the rare breeds of Dose you can try.

VV Puram food street
Image Credits – The Better India

Capsicum and Banana Bhajjis at the Bhajji Shop

Bhajji is something which is known in South-India compared to its popularity in North. On a usual note, you get to eat Chilly Bhajji but here you can try the Capsicum Bhajji. The one big capsicum immersed in a flour mixture, deep fried and served with chutney, onion, tomato, and chopped coriander will never fall flat to wake up your taste buds.


End with Gulkun Ice Cream at Shivanna Gulkun Center

You can also try your hands on Gobi Manchoori rolls, Rumali roti, and other Chinese food items. So, when you are done with everything, head to Shivanna’s Gulkun Center for some sweet note. You’ll spot this at the end of the street where you can try Gulkan Ice cream, Gulkan with raisins and dry fruits, and a Banana scoop of ice cream as per your interest and hunger.

VV Puram food street

These are the must-visit food points in Thindi Beedi, however, there is an entire row of shops waiting for you with different varieties of food to satisfy your appetite for the local Bengaluru food and its flavor.

Thindi Beedi is located on the old market road in VV Puram spread in between Sajjan Rao Circle, Minerva Circle, RV Road and National College Flyover in South Bengaluru.

Hope you found our list of things to do in VV Puram Food street informative and interesting. If you have anything to add then please let us know in the comments below.
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