You Should Really Head To Basavanagudi To Take A Look At This Collection of 50,000 Dasara Idols

dasara dolls bangalore

As we are gearing up to celebrate our state festival Dasara on a high, here is one Bengaluru woman who has created a sensation of sorts by taking one of the most popular traditions of this festival to a whole new level with her prolonged efforts. A few of you might have guessed it already, yes, we are speaking about the Dasara Dolls or the ‘Gombe Habba’.

‘Gombe Habba’. What is this tradition all about?

A rich cultural tradition in the state, the Gombe Habba means the assortment of dolls representing important historic events or the evolving lifestyles across the years. While the best of this can be found at Mysore during Dasara, the ‘Gombe Habba’ is followed in many homes across the state too. This time around, the Bengaluru International Airport has been dolled up as well, showcasing Karnataka’s rich traditions to the incoming tourists.


However, as mentioned in the earlier part of this article, here we are, letting you know more about the spectacular doll assembly that Bengaluru resident Bhagyalakshmi M has managed to set up at her home for this Dasara.

dasara dolls bangalore

An assortment of 50000 Dolls 

Yes, you read that right. Sprawled across two floors, 67-year-old Bhagyalakshmi M has been following this practice of the Doll Festival for the last five decades. This year, the doll count has reached 50000 courtesy her interest in making additions to her collection throughout the course of the last few years.

Most of her dolls are made of ivory, clay, sandalwood and some, even with a hint of gold too!

Theme-Based Display 

The doll enthusiast follows a particular theme very Dasara in setting up the dolls. She has already designed her doll-assembly based on the Chitradurga Fort and the Majestic Bus Stand in the past. While this year, she has opted for a theme that marks the centenary of Mysore’s last Maharaja, the lady has a few exciting plans for the next Dasara too.


As quoted by the Bangalore Mirror, here is what she said about her choice of themes every year.

“Besides this, I have also represented the Vidhan Soudha and the Himalayan ranges. I start preparing the theme a year before the festival to get the things in place. I have also planned the theme for 2020 where I will be depicting the Hyderabad railway station as my daughter stays in Hyderabad.”

dasara dolls bangalore

A Well-Known Doll Enthusiast

The lady is so well-known for her doll displays that anyone who travels abroad in her vicinity usually gets her a doll to add the elaborate collection in her home. On her part too, she invests plenty of time to carve out this sight to behold, with the lady having even researched through the documents at the Department of Information and Public Relations for her doll festival this year. Well, this is indeed a notable achievement for a 67-year-old