Asha Sweets Centre in Malleshwaram is Bengaluru’s Favorite for Delicious Sweets and Chaats

Asha Sweets Centre in Malleshwaram

Bengaluru is largely known for its South Indian delicacies like Dose, Idli, Vade and the Darshini hotels which are the primary ones to define the city’s food culture. On the other hand, we also have culinary from different parts of the country making Bengaluru, a paradise for food lovers. Malleshwaram being one of the prime centers for the best of the best food points in the city, it is always bustling and a go-to place. If we have to talk about Malleswaram’s sweet shops, Asha Sweets centre stands out for its popularity and a diversified menu. It is one of the legendary eateries of Bengaluru with nearly 60+ years of legacy.

The Menu of Asha Sweets Centre

This place is always a crowded one and that speaks about its popularity. It literally has an unlimited menu with a lot of choices and a lot of delicacies to savor. For most of the native Bengalurians, Asha Sweets centre is a fond childhood memory which makes it the landmark place to visit in Malleshwaram. When you are here, we recommend you to have Cold Badam Milk, Jalebi, Samosa, Jamoon, Kachori, and Rasmalai. Everything here is freshly prepared and that’s the USP.


Asha Sweets Centre

Another specialty of this sweet centre is its Bengali sweets. Have you ever tasted Basundi and Rabadi? How about Khaju Barfi and Chilly Dhokla? Probably, this is the only place in the city where you get Lichi Rabdi and how can you afford to miss it!

food points in malleswaram

Badam Milk is Everyone’s Favorite

Even if you are not a great fan of Badam milk, once you have it here, then you will definitely come again and again, and the reason would be Badam milk (only). Loaded with nuts, the Cold Badam milk from Asha Sweets centre has no match. It is simply fabulous and we wonder how one could prepare such a tasty Badam milk. Every time we visit this place, we start with Jalebi, then to Kachori and then to Cold Badam milk. You can choose your order but Badam milk is a must.

Asha Sweets Centre

Other Popular Items: Samosa, Pav Bhaji, Moong Dal Halwa, Corn Puff, Badam Halwa, Kheer Khadam, and a Bread roll.


So, when you are near Malleshwaram, head to 8th Cross Sampige Road and ask any random guy walking on the street for Asha Sweets, they will point you to this landmark sweet shop. Come and enjoy the Best Desserts and Chaats. Please eat before you die, you know! Hahaha…

Open: 8:30 AM – 10 PM

Where: 131, 8th Cross, Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru.


Other locations: Indiranagar, Rajajinagar, JP Nagar, Vijaynagar, Basavanagudi.

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