Siddhappa Stall in Bengaluru is so Popular that People stand in a Queue just to get that Half Dose

siddhappa stall

We all know about the craze Bengalurians have for Dose and its varieties. Being called as the Dose capital of the country, every thruway and lanes of this city is an expert in Dose making. On one end, if we have legendary outlets like Vidyarthi Bhavan, CTR, and VV Puram’s glory; however, on the other end, there are so many stalls and stops where we get an equally beguiling taste of Dose and varieties of South Indian smack. While searching such hidden gems of the city, we found this Siddhappa Stall, located in Sampangi Ramanagara where people stand in Queue just to get that Half Dose. Sounds crazy? Come, let’s check it out.

The 30-Year-Old Dose Stall

You might have stood in a queue for that lip-smacking Biriyani from Shivaji Military hotel or went on feet to grab a plate of Masala Dose from VB; Siddhappa’s story is no different but with a quirky contrast. The stall is being run by a former weaver, Siddhappa, who has now mastered the art of making that golden crispy and Yummy Dose with a twist called ‘Half Dose’.


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No Votes for Ambiance but all hugs for the Taste

Siddhappa stall is not a hotel but just a small place with a whimsy look and feels which is open only from 8 AM – 11 AM. On Sundays and Thursdays, it will be so crowded that you can just end up ordering half a masala dose; crave for it till the next turn.

siddhappa stall
Image Credits – The Hindu

Long Hour Queues on a Daily Basis

We went flabbergasted looking at the craze people have for ‘Dose’ from Siddhappa stall. The food here is served on Banana leaves or paper and if you prefer plates then you have to get your own. Say what, people actually get them. There is no second word about Dose which looks thin and crispy, simply oozing with Ghee and Chutney.


Idli – 10 Rs.

Extra Ghee – 10 Rs.

Mini Masala – 45 Rs.


Khali Dose – 25 Rs.

siddhappa stall

Where: Siddhappa Hotel, Ashwath Nagar, 7th Block, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru.

Open: 8 AM – 11 AM


So, if you are an ardent Dose lover in the city then you can definitely try Siddhappa stall. Also, let us know about places like this in the comments below.

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(Feature Image Credits – Curly Tales and The Hindu)