Now, Namma Metro is Blamed for Traffic Congestion in Bengaluru. What?

traffic congestion in bangalore

Tit-Bit: Owing to the absence of last-mile connectivity and an increase in the vehicle population in the city, BMRCL is blamed for traffic congestion in Bengaluru.

Namma Metro, the only possible solution to the massive traffic congestion in the city, is now become a reason and a contributor to that very problem. Wait, it is not the metro trains a cause to the problem. The blackguard here is the vehicle parking space near metro stations. Yes, it is the lack of vehicle space near metro stations, causing commuters to randomly park their vehicles in a rush to take the train. This, in turn, is hindering the vehicular traffic and the pedestrian pathways. This is seen as a reason for bigger congestion than before.



VP Ikkeri, Commissioner for transport and road safety has slashed the Government and put a blame on Metro for failing to provide parking space. This has come in the context of Namma Metro transporting 4 lakh commuters on a daily basis, breaking its own ridership records.

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namma metro

Ikkeri said,


“Metro has created more problems now. To reach Metro stations, commuters come in cars or two-wheelers and park them on the roads below or around the Metro station. This has only increased the congestion in the city,”

Vehicle Population in the City has raised to a Whopping 76 Lakh

On the other hand, experts opine that the congestion is due to lack of last-mile connectivity. Giving statistics on the same, they say that the vehicle population has risen to a whopping 76 lakh with over 1,800 new vehicles getting registered every day.


Considering Ikkeri’s blame, traffic expert MN Sreedhar agrees with the point that metro stations are contributing to the congestion. He said, “The parking available space is given to set up shops and restaurants. Metro should focus on providing good service to the people rather than profit making.”

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As a contrast, Prof. Ashish Sharma from Indian Institute of Science’s Transport Research Group denies the lack of last-mile connectivity is a problem. “It is understood that the Metro has helped people move in a sustainable manner,” he says.

What is the Solution Now?

Well, the experts should have thought about the interchanging modes after and before leaving the station. It is true that metro stations are adding to the congestion and it is a block out there. The possible solution will be to focus on identifying locations to set up bus bays. Urban expert RK Misra said, “The Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) should focus on bus bays and no parking should be given for four-wheelers.”

So, if we look at the situation considering the increasing number of vehicle population in the city, no one seems to be either right or wrong. What do you think about this? Have you faced parking problems near Metro stations? Please share with us in the comments below.


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