Bengaluru Potholes Are Now Landmarked On Google And More Surprisingly They Have Reviews

Bengaluru is infamous for its potholes and many citizens, on a regular basis, have been posting pictures on social media about bad roads and potholes that create havoc. They even tag the BBMP authorities, however, it hasn’t helped them much. Now, a new kind of incident is shared online where Potholes are now landmarked on Google and have reviews.

Potholes on the city roads

India’s silicon city is getting a bad name because of potholes. Lack of funds and too many vehicles are just some of the reasons why Bengaluru appears to have been facing this issue.


Though the BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) claims to have been fixing the issue of the potholes in the city slowly, the ground reality is something else.

Many netizens, on a regular basis, post pictures of bad roads and potholes in their areas tagging the BBMP authorities, however, it hasn’t helped them much. Infrastructural shortcomings causing injuries and deaths have become the lot of the citizens living in the State capital.

Landmark for potholes

Now, bizarre pictures are circulated online where a Twitter user shares how Potholes are now landmarked on Google, and more surprisingly they have reviews from best to worse.


There’s this one review that says, “Best pothole I have seen so far. A true backbreaking experience, and also a testing ground for your car suspension. P.S- for the best experience your car should be at least 30 kmph.

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