A New Road Sign In Bengaluru Has Confused The Commuters, Traffic Police Responds

A commuter asked about a new traffic sign on Bengaluru roads and cops explained him in detail. Later, many users agreed that they too did not know the meaning behind that traffic sign and thanked the police for explaining it.

Unusual road sign

One Twitter user spotted an unusual road sign in Bengaluru and shared a picture on social media, and tagged the police Twitter handle, to clear the doubts. Later, Bengaluru Traffic Police responded to the tweet and clarified road signs and safety.


A Twitter handle belonging to one Aniruddha Mukharjee spotted the sign – four black dots on a white background. The curious commuter clicked a picture and tweeted, tagging the traffic police, “What traffic symbol is this? @wftrps @blrcitytraffic. This is put up just before Hopefarm signal!”

In a quick response, the Whitefield area traffic police revealed the meaning of the sign on the road adding that it has been adopted in the interests of blind people to ensure their safety on roads. Noting that there is a blind school at Hopefarm Junction at the location, the tweet said that the traffic board is a cautionary sign board which indicates that a blind person can be present on the road and therefore commuters need to exercise caution while driving.

Twitter reactions

Following the traffic police’s response, many took to the comment section and lauded the move. While one user said, “didn’t know this. Thanks for educating us”, another one wrote, “Thanks for informing. I was not knowing.”


Another tweet stated, “Awesome I guess time for @blrcitytraffic to share some light on traffic signs daily on Twitter and other rules around it. Will help us educate further, wrote another netizen.