Bengaluru Metro Noted Highest Ridership Ever, Breaks its Own Record

bengaluru metro

In line with the expanding usage of metro trains in the city, Bengaluru Metro is in news for all the good reasons. Bengaluru’s metro network saw a record ridership of 1 lakh bypassing its average ridership on Monday.

BMRCL has shared the numbers and accordingly, a total of 4,25,198 people used the metro on Monday. The purple line recorded a ridership of 2,28,316 while the green line served a total of 1,96,882 passengers. On August 10, the purple line’s number was 2,30,993 and green line’s was 1,92,105 – however, the ridership recorded on August 13 (Monday) is the highest so far.


Is it because of the Lalbagh Flower show?

Sanjeev Dhyamanvar, a public transport activist opines and attributes the rise in ridership to the Lalbagh flower show. It is important to note that the show is being held since August 4.

“I find no special reasons for an increase in the ridership. BMRCL should tell us the numbers recorded before and after the flower show to estimate the things right. Bengaluru Metro is designed to carry 8 lakh passengers in a day with six-coach trains.” he said.

He added, “We know that a lot of money got invested but nothing has been utilized properly. BMRCL is making an unnecessary delay in the acquisition of additional coaches. The second six-coach train was promised to run from August but now it is said to have postponed to mid-September.”


bengaluru metro

Increasing Congestion in the Compartments

If we go by numbers and with the addition of three coaches to each of the city’s 50 metro trains then the number of passengers is expected to double to about 8 lakh. It is already getting congested and people are finding it difficult to bare with. In fact, Namma Metro Phase -1 has eased the commute to an extent but it has not yet eased the traffic congestion on the city’s arterial roads, largely.

There are two proposed lines; Yellow and Red, connecting the stretches between RV Road – Bommasandra (19.143 km) and Gottigere – Nagawara (21.145 km) respectively. In one way, it is good that people are tending towards public transport. However, the fast pace work of Bengaluru Metro will be highly appreciated.

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