Bengaluru is now the world’s second-most ‘Traffic-Congested’ cities

Bengaluru recorded a travel time of nearly 29 minutes and 10 seconds to drive a distance of 10 kilometers in the year 2022, according to Tom Tom’s traffic index.

Most traffic-congested cities

The Silicon city of India has been ranked among the most traffic-congested cities in the world, according to location technology company Tom Tom, which ranks urban congestion worldwide.


The city has secured the second position, next only to London, with an increased travel time of nearly 29 minutes and 10 seconds to drive a distance of 10 kilometers in the year 2022, said the Tom Tom traffic index released on Wednesday.


London has recorded a travel time of 36 minutes and 20 seconds to cover the same distance. In the city center category, Dublin, Ireland, was the third congested followed by Sapporo in Japan, Milan in Italy, and Pune (sixth) in India.

Bengaluru tops the chart of India’s most traffic-congested cities, followed by Pune (ranked 6), New Delhi (34), and Mumbai (47), reported Indian Express.



Other Categories 

The study also found that Bengaluru ranks fourth in the number of hours lost, 129 hours, due to rush-hour traffic. Even with flexible working arrangements, and the option to work remotely, the time people lost in global cities to rush-hour traffic only grew over the past year.

The cost of traffic jams on the driver’s wallet is also quite influential, the research said. While London topped the list with the highest CO2 emissions per driven mile during rush hour, Bengaluru ranked fifth.

According to TOI, in the Metro area category, Bogota is the most congested followed by Manila, Sapporo, Lima, Bengaluru (fifth), Mumbai (sixth), Nagoya, Pune, Tokyo, and Bucharest.


In the Metropolitan area, it took 23 minutes and 40 seconds for Bengalureans to cover 10km. The average speed was 22 Kmph.

Prof. M N Sreehari, who is the advisor to the government of Karnataka for traffic, transportation, and infrastructure, said “Unfortunately, in Bengaluru, the roads are very narrow. While the problem continues, no politician or planner is bothered. Even though the width is very less, if it is kept free, and in a good condition, it can improve the situation. In every house, the parking has been shifted to the roads. It is the total failure of the Bengaluru Corporation and the traffic police. They know very well as per the law, that road is meant for traffic. and footpaths meant for pedestrians. We are not developing any infrastructure also. Footpaths are widened at the cost of the road as well.”

The 12th edition of its annual TomTom Traffic Index, describes traffic trends across 389 cities in 56 countries, throughout 2022. TomTom has assessed traffic in each city and the cost of driving in terms of time, money as well as environmental impact for a driven mile.