Another road rage horror in Bengaluru; Man gets dragged on car bonnet for 3 km

A woman drove her SUV with a man hanging on the bonnet in a case of road rage in Bengaluru on Friday. The incident reportedly took place in Jnana Bharathi Nagar. 

Another road rage horror

According to an NDTV report, the woman, Priyanka, drove for a kilometer in the city’s Jnana Bharathi Nagar while the man, unable to get off, held on to the bonnet, the police said. In a complaint to the police, the man, Darshan, alleged the woman’s Tata Nexon collided with his Maruti Suzuki Swift. Both had an argument, during which she allegedly showed him the finger, according to the complaint.


A case and countercase have been filed against the woman and the man who climbed the SUV bonnet. Darshan S, a resident of Mariyappanapalya is a businessman. When he was on his way to work, a woman driving in an SUV (Tata Nexon) blocked his way at the junction near Mangalore Independent PU College in Ullal Main Road in West Bengaluru around 10:15 am though the signal had turned green, reported Deccan Herald.

Man dragged on car bonnet

Darshan yelled at her and asked if she could not see the signal. The woman in response showed him the middle finger and said a curse word before driving off. Darshan followed the SUV and blocked her vehicle in Ullal and asked her to apologize to him for abusing and showing the middle finger.

Meanwhile, Darshan and his friends Yeshwanth, Vinay, and his brother Sujan reached the spot and demanded the woman get out of the vehicle. Her husband Pramod assaulted Darshan and threatened him with bad consequences.


When he tried to stop her from leaving, she revved up the engine and hit him, throwing him onto the bonnet. Then she drove for about 3 kilometers.


Five people, including Priyanka and Darshan, have been arrested. The other three are Yashwant, Sujan, and Vinay. Priyanka faces a charge of trying to kill a person.

“Five people have been arrested by Janana Bharati Police Station including the woman Priyanka. A counter-complaint has also been filed by the accused Priyanka under 354 of IPC (rape) against Darshan, Yashwant, Sujan, and Vinay. Further investigation is going on,” said Laxman B Nimbargi, DCP West.