Bengaluru To Follow ‘No Helmet No Fuel Rule’ Pattern: Here’s How It Will Affect Two-wheeler Riders

no helmet no fuel rule in bangalore

A new traffic rule in Bengaluru may soon reduce the deaths that occur after sustaining injuries on the head. Surprisingly, this new rule will be implemented by the petrol pumps who have received directions from the city traffic police not to give fuel to the bikers not wearing helmets.

Bengaluru To Follow Noida & Aligarh Pattern   

The move has been inspired by the “No Helmet, No Fuel” rule followed by traffic police in Noida and Aligarh. Traffic police in Bengaluru have taken this initiative quite seriously and are now conducting meetings with the owners of the fuel stations for creating awareness among the two-wheeler riders.


While updating the media about this new step taken by Bengaluru’s traffic officials, the Additional Commissioner of police (traffic) P Harisekaran said that during recent meetings with his subordinates, he directed 44 inspectors, seven assistant commissioner of police and three deputy commissioner of police to interact with fuel station owners and join this  movement.

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Harisekaran stated,  “We are asking the fuel station owners to cooperate with us and stop giving fuel to the riders riding without a helmet. We are spreading awareness about the importance of wearing helmets and are trying to educate people.” Over the last decade, the number of accidents involving two-wheelers has increased in Bengaluru which is why the city traffic police are seriously considering spreading awareness regarding helmet by meeting the petrol pump owners.


Alarming Rise In Deaths Due To Injuries In Accidents

The traffic police have revealed that last year around 150 riders died in road accidents and 1,296 injured as compared to deaths of 140 riders and 1,311 injured in 2017. By June 30 this year, 105 riders were killed in fatal accidents whereas 667 suffered injuries. A senior officer said that more often two-wheeler riders who ride without using a helmet suffer from head injuries and succumb to it in the end.

He further added, “Riders think that wearing a helmet makes them look uncool especially children and teenagers while adults neglect wearing it thinking that they are the safest riders and they do not need it. It is very dangerous and they do not realize that it may result in death or severe brain damage.” 

bangalore traffic rules

According to him, “We tried conducting several awareness programs and special drives including bringing ‘Yamaraja’ – the God of death, to the roads to warn the riders and yet, the bikers still continue to ride without helmets. This time we are trying to create awareness through petrol pumps. his technique seems to be working in other cities like Noida and Aligarh, we are also planning to follow and are conducting meetings with the owners of the fuel stations.”