Revised Traffic Fines In Bengaluru From Today; Here’s How Much You’ve To Pay For Breaking The Rules

Revised Traffic Fines In Bengaluru

The revised traffic fines will be implemented in Bengaluru from today and most of these penalties are much higher than before. Some penalties are even 10 times higher than the earlier ones. Previously the penalty for using a cellphone while driving was only Rs.100. But now it has been increased to Rs.1000.  

Major Changes In Penalties

A person driving a vehicle on road without registration will have to pay Rs.5000 as fine for the first offense and Rs.10,000 for the second offense. Transport vehicle drivers without fitness certificate will have to pay a fine of Rs.2,000 for the first offense and Rs.5,000 for the second offense. 

According to revised traffic rules, penalties for parking in non-designated places, driving or riding vehicles without insurance, and overspeeding will each attract a fine of Rs.1000.

The law says that the mobile phone must be switched off while driving. But since it is not possible for motorists to switch off the phone, they should at least use holders, says traffic police.  

Doubts Regarding Use Of Mobile While Driving

There are a few doubts among the locals about the use of mobile while driving as many times it is also used for navigation. According to the new rules, the use of mobile for navigation is allowed, but only if it is placed on a proper holder. Holding a cellphone in hand to check the map will be considered an offense.

Similarly, the use of Bluetooth and earphone device while driving also comes under offense. Irrespective of whether the driver is on call or not, for a two-wheeler rider, keeping cellphone under the helmet is an offense. Talking on mobile even when the traffic light is red is an offense. 

Although the laws newly devised have a few flaws but hopefully, after implementation, the traffic police department will be able to put a plug on the loopholes. According to P Harishekaran, the only objective behind revising the traffic rules is the safety of the commuters and pedestrians and preventing accidents.



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