Bengaluru Traffic Police Bans Slow Vehicles On Airport Road Flyover

airport flyover

Bengaluru Traffic Police has banned slow vehicles on airport road flyover on trial basis following a recent accident in which a family of five was hit by an ambulance. These slow vehicles categorized by BTP include two-wheelers, cycles, and autos.

Lane Discipline Rules Will Be Strictly Enforced

The Bengaluru Traffic Police have said that lane discipline will be enforced very strictly on the road. Even though the lorries and trucks will be allowed to travel on the airport road flyover, they will have to restrict movement towards road’s left side. The slow vehicles are allowed to take the road below the flyover.

The Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) P Harishekaran said, “Slow moving vehicles traveling at 40 kilometers per hour are obstructing the traffic on this stretch which is why we decided to ban them on a trial basis. We will observe the difficulties on this stretch for a week and then undertake road safety measures accordingly. The road is a 25 to 30-kilometer stretch and the airport traffic is heavy. High-speed vehicles go at 80 kilometers per hour and get obstructed by the slow-moving vehicles.”

Accident Triggered Off The Decision

The airport flyover road has heavy traffic. In the accident that occurred on May 27, a speeding ambulance after losing control hit the divider and crossed the opposite lane crashing into a car. The gravity of the entire situation left authorities with no other option but to take a crucial decision of stopping slow vehicles from commuting on the road.

Awareness programs are being planned to ensure that the commuters are aware of this new decision. The statistics from the Traffic Police department of Bengaluru shows that the number of cases of speeding has come down from 1,30,868 in 2017 to 90,942 in 2018. But the radar speed gun installed on the Airport Road in 2018 is missing as the pole on which it was mounted has fallen down.

Even the LED screen displaying vehicles speed is missing.