It seems that Traffic Violators in Bengaluru are not Scared of Yama. Oh No!

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Credits - Bengaluru Traffic Police

No matter, the traffic police comes up with ‘n’ number of innovative ways to create awareness about traffic rules, the violation is steadily on the rise. Recently, the traffic has roped in the mythological character ‘Yamaraja’, who roamed the city spreading awareness and pleading people not to break traffic rules, with a magician joining the party.

A man dressed in his traditional golden ‘Yamaraja’ uniform interrupted motorists near Town Hall and warned them he would visit their home if they flouted traffic rules. The Halasuru Gate traffic police roped in ‘Yamaraja’ as their brand ambassador on roads to pass on the message of dangers of not wearing a helmet, driving recklessly, and other violations.


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Motorists Still Fail to Follow Traffic Rules

A senior police officer said, as reported by Deccan Chronicle, “Already till June this year, over three crore cases have been booked. Every day, on an average, we book over one lakh cases. Rules are being strictly enforced. But the issue is motorists fail to follow traffic rules.”

He added, “ We always strive to make sure that people do not break rules. In this context, we come up with innovative ideas, like the one of using a mythological character ‘Yama’ or bringing a magician. No matter what we do, people continue to violate the rules. Ultimately, motorists should care for their lives and follow rules.”


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Violation of Rules, Steadily on Rise

It is said that the highest number of violations is by two-wheelers, followed by autorickshaws, cabs and private transport vehicles. An officer said, “We prepared a list of top 500 violators with 114 cases against a single passenger auto-rickshaw, 105 against a maxi-cab, and over 67 against a single two-wheeler.”

Increase in the Fine Amount?

Citing the response from violators, the traffic police opine that increasing the fine amount is the only way to curb traffic violations in the city. It will damper and create a fear among the motorists. This will make sure that they think twice before breaking the rules. It is said that the matter is with the Centre and it may come into force, anytime.

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