21 Times Bengaluru City Police Memes proved that no one can beat them in Sarcasm

Bengaluru city police memes

We are living in the World of Memes and Trolls. I mean every tom dick and Harry are getting memed on Social media and easily it has become today’s trend. If you have liked the troll pages/meme pages then you might be the knowing the nature of posts; a perfect blend of Sarcasm and Intelligence. Memes are certainly ruling the Facebook and have become the source of entertainment for its users. As it is popularly said, ‘Be a Roman in Rome’, even Bengaluru City police is after Memes and the way they are doing it is truly AF. Through an FB Page, the cyber team of Bengaluru city police is communicating the city rules and the idea of it is unconditionally gleeful and jocular. Come, let’s check out the best of Bengaluru City Police Memes in today’s read.

Best of Bengaluru City Police Memes

Bengaluru Traffic Police can see Everything.

If you jump in Olympics then you’ll get a Medal and if you jump the Signals on Roads then it is ‘Fine’ a ‘Final’.

Using the fame of Shaktimaan to promote the use of Zebra Crossing.

Don’t become the Fourth Monkey.

Trendy, Classy and to the Point.

Can you relate to this?

How Creative! An intriguing way indeed.

Beware of CC Cameras. Bengaluru City police is Strict, Punctual and they know how to make Good Memes.

Absolutely AF!

Do not Drink and Drive. Even Google will not come to your rescue.

Sarcasm at it’s Best.

Swear it by the old roads and the new, there is only one lord on the streets of Bengaluru.

Only BCP can see me Bro.

Hahaha! Poor Chap.

Lannister Fans can relate.

This is Brilliant and Situational AF.

The Captions are killing me.

On verge to steal all the limelight.

Autowalas. Dare you say Wanandaff again.


This is Gold and absolutely witty.

You are our Super Hero.

So, did you enjoy this ride of witty posts by Bengaluru city police? Let us all follow the traffic rules and invite no danger to our lives. We are loving these Bengaluru city police memes and their way of educating the society through Social media. What do you think about this? Please let us know in the comments below.

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