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“Don’t park on main road or else…”: Bengaluru Traffic Cop shares ‘Hilarious’ video

The traffic police usually try to build awareness about rules and regulations through creative memes on social media posts. This time, a video has been shared by the Bengaluru traffic police to prevent people from parking their vehicles on main roads.

Traffic awareness 

The video was originally shared by Kala Krishnaswamy, DCP traffic (east division), Bengaluru, on Twitter. The video shows a group of people standing on the roadside as three bikes are parked near them. Moments later, the locals begin to panic and rush inside as an elephant charges toward them and aggressively rams into one of the parked bikes, knocking it down.


“Don’t park on the main road,” the IPS officer wrote.


This incident in the video took place in Kerala’s Malappuram in October last year. After the incident, the elephant was guided away from the area and into the forest region by locals and forest officials.

Twitter Reactions

After the video went viral on Twitter, Netizens were surprised by the Bengaluru traffic police’s awareness meme.